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PARALLACTION: Nippon - Scene initialization does not respect (save) state

Reported by: raziel- Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Parallaction
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Cc: Game: Nippon Safes


ScummVM 2.6.0git (Apr 23 2022 11:37:53)
Features compiled in: Vorbis FLAC MP3 RGB zLib MPEG2 Theora AAC A/52 FreeType2 FriBiDi JPEG PNG GIF cloud (servers, local) TinyGL OpenGL (with shaders)

from the save game, do these steps:
1) Talk to the door-keeper
2) Bottom Option - Leave a message
3) Talk to the door-keeper
4) Bottom Option - They stole your moped
5) Once he is out, save
Now you have two options to trigger this bug.
a) Reload your save state
b) Exit and enter the hotel
In both cases, the scene will completely reload dismissing the inventory you gained and/or the state you saved/left the scene.

Since the inventory item (pen) you loose isn't mandatory for the rest of the game it's not that much of a problem (you can always get it back by redoing the conversation), but the save state will be "corrupted" in a way, because the pen will also always be erased on a reload.

This is most likely connected to (if not a dupe of) #13444, but since the circumstances are different, i'll leave it as a genuine item.

User picked target 'nippon-amiga' (engine ID 'parallaction', game ID 'nippon')...
Looking for a plugin supporting this target... Parallaction
Running Nippon Safes Inc. (Multi-lingual/Amiga)
ge: 42d6f10a4ebdadb25a6161d53ea4f450, 182298 bytes.
en: c9ec4f2267d736eef4877c5133e1c6e1, 174074 bytes.
disk0: 16cca8724fdf4ec8234385497a0c728a, 208437 bytes.
disk1: 6b29987cfe2298d3745b6d99a0080c44, 901120 bytes.
disk2: 2db40bf8198a57d18e4471a6deaab970, 901120 bytes.
disk3: 0486972962b2bfc230e789b9f88f9ec8, 901120 bytes.
disk4: 6f625e7f05da4a2f57d6b62d57013614, 901120 bytes.
fr: cf17defc24f143d1a9acb52eaa5c2406, 179958 bytes.

AmigaOS4 - SDL - PPC - BE
gcc (adtools build 11.2.0) 11.2.0

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Component: --Unset--Engine: Parallaction
Game: Nippon Safes
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