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SCUMM: Backyard Baseball (all three SCUMM games) - Hitting Not Being Interpreted Properly

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A lot of the people in the BYB discord server have discussed this for a while, but there's something particularly off with the hitting in Backyard Baseball. Powerup swings going foul (they are coded specifically never to go foul), and really strong hit noises on dinky pop-ups are reasonably prevalent when performed through ScummVM and not the original games, as well as a plethora of hits that go exactly straight to the left.

As a test, I modified the code in the contact hitting script (in the actual game's code files) that sets powerup batting types to always hit between 50 and 130 degrees to instead always hit the ball at a specific angle that I want with all batting types. I'm not injecting my own code, I'm modifying only three values. In the original .exe files for each game it works exactly as it should, if you set the code to hit the ball at 90 degrees (aka straight forward), when you hit the ball it will always send the ball at 90 degrees every time no problem. In ScummVM, however, this behavior is extremely erratic and proves that it straight up fails to interpret the scripts properly, which isn't new information, just helps confirm the issue to me.

At 90 degrees it seems to work somewhat reliably with no problems? But the farther you get from 90 degrees (results less than 90 seem to break far more than results more than 90, depending on stance and player handedness), the code that tries to interpret the game's batting scripts breaks more and more, causing a lot of results that send the ball at the incorrect angle many times over and possibly even the wrong height and distance since they all are run together in the same script (which lines up with how most strong home run hits tend to go toward right field in ScummVM).

I'm not sure how else to explain it other than that, and I'm not really sure how this can be fixed, but I assure you that the hitting is definitely not accurate to the original material even though the BB games have been like this for ages on ScummVM and nobody else has really commented on it publicly. I've been playing for over 15 years and I have met multiple other people with similar levels of experience that can confirm as well that it's not right. I am willing to communicate and show more info on Discord (@Vissery # 0828) if necessary. I do have one clip however showing off how broken hitting is in an unmodified game and client (the most recent version of ScummVM, 2.5.1)

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Summary: Backyard Baseball (all three SCUMM games) - Hitting Not Being Interpreted ProperlySCUMM: Backyard Baseball (all three SCUMM games) - Hitting Not Being Interpreted Properly
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