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TWINE: android feedback that must get sorted — at Initial Version

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Priority: normal Component: Engine: TwinE
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Cc: Game: Little Big Adventure


The game definitely wants a keyboard, Android ScummVM has it's own. It's definitely playable, but quite impractical. Also
While there was an option for remapping, my controller was completely ignored, but that's probably a problem with ScummVM itself

With a keyboard plugged in, it ran the same as on PC, as in, everything running out of the box. Literally plug-and-play

I ran into a few minor bugs, probably issues with the engine, but I'm no programmer. Namely:

  • midi music looping until I edit the zone it's played in
  • when drowning, Twinsen can still be seen through the water
  • events on the other side of the map can be heard

as for bigger bugs, the game seemed to be running way slower than what it should

the save system does not work. When loading a save, everything appears normally... Except for Twinsen

would there be a way to have the midi with Sound Blaster 16 settings? Sounds way better

I couldn't enable CD music.

I tested in on a Nintendo Switch running Android 10, maybe not the most typical environment

ScummVM Version used: unknown
Game Version used: unknown

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