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GUI: ScummVM stops using flag/platform icons and publisher/series info after downloading optional icon pack

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This was reproduced with the latest Windows daily build (ScummVM 2.6.0git2157-g4d62b275e0), but has been happening for basically as long as game icons have been added to the launcher.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In Options > Paths, make sure that you don't have an Icon Path, or that that folder is empty.
  2. Restart ScummVM.
  3. Notice that most of your games in the launcher don't have icons (with a few exceptions such as FotAQ). However, they have smaller icons indicating language and platform. Also, the games can be automatically sorted by series and publisher.
  4. Set up an Icon Path. In Options > Misc, select Update icons, and download the icon pack.
  5. Restart ScummVM.
  6. (Most of) Your games now have icons!
  7. However, the flags and platform icons are gone. When you try to to sort games by publisher or series, they all end up sorted as "Unknown publisher"/"No series". :(

It feels like whatever data was included in the base download of ScummVM is not duplicated in the optional icon pack, and ScummVM "forgets" to check that it has that data once it has the icon pack.

This was only tested with the Windows daily build provided on the website. I have no idea whether this happens on other platforms or with self-compiled builds. (Presumably it doesn't, otherwise a dev would have noticed and fixed the problem weeks ago.)

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