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GRIME: Menu Cursor Bug

Reported by: Eyeball38 Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Grim
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Cc: Eyeball38 Game: Grim Fandango



Playing on raspberry pi 4. Game loads fine, but when opening the ScummVM menu the arrow cursor either appears briefly or not at all, making menu selection near impossible. The cursor is still in the background as eventually with enough patience it will hover over a menu selection and you can then select your preference, but it is very awkward to do.

Game language is English

Version of game is CD I believe

Raspberry pi 4 inside piboy DMG portable device

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comment:1 by digitall, 2 years ago

Component: --Unset--Engine: Grim
Summary: Grim Fandango Menu Cursor BugGRIME: Menu Cursor Bug

@Eyeball38: Please retest with the latest nightly master build from here? This will check if the issue has been fixed in the latest master branch and thus needs a backport to branch-2-5 prior to v2.5.1:

comment:2 by Eyeball38, 2 years ago

Hello, I see the raspberry pi version of the latest build is in .tar format. How do I go about installing this to test whether the fault has been fixed or not? Thanks

comment:3 by digitall, 2 years ago

@Eyeball38: I assume you are not very familiar with Linux / Unix command line. You may want to read or similar.

Basically, tar is just an archive file, similar to zip:

The "tar" command can unpack it:

You can just unpack it to a directory and run it from there as ScummVM doesn't need installing in the system directories to run and this allows you to switch between latest daily builds and the v2.5.0 stable:

The command you need is "tar -xvJf <name of tar.xz file>", though tar should recognise the compression and apply the correct decompression so the nominal -xvf may be fine.

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