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TOON: Unknown game variant for toon

Reported by: Adem1987 Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Toon
Version: Keywords: unknown-game
Cc: Game: Toonstruck


The game in 'Untitled' seems to be an unknown game variant.

Please report the following data to the ScummVM team at along with the name of the game you tried to add and its version, language, etc.:

Matched game IDs for the toon engine: toon-demo

{"local.pak", 0, "bf5da4c03f78ffbd643f12122319366e", 3250841},
{"generic.svl", 0, "5eb99850ada22f0b8cf6392262d4dd07", 9404599},

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comment:1 by sev-, 23 months ago

Summary: Unknown game variant for toonTOON: Unknown game variant for toon

Could you please provide more information about this version?

comment:2 by aquadran, 16 months ago

can you contact me on discord or by mail aquadran at ?

comment:3 by antoniou79, 16 months ago

From the recent discussion on Discord it seems that a user can get this message in the following case:

  1. Installed the *full* German version of the game and pointed ScummVM to the "MISC" subfolder. Tested with the GOG German version of the game. ScummVM works fine if the user points it to the "Toonstruck" folder -- which is the parent folder of MISC.

Discord discussion about this is around here:

Eientei issued a PR fix for the *installed* version of the German demo. If that PR is merged, then the above message would apply to when pointing ScummVM to the installed version of the German Demo too. For clarification, the German Demo, provided from the ScummVM web site just works if you unzip the downloaded package and point ScummVM to the folder where it was unzipped -- no install is required.

Eientei's PR is here:

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