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Blue's Treasure Hunt can be marked as Bugged (Multiple Issues) — at Initial Version

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Blue's Treasure Hunt is marked as "Untested" on the compatibility section on the ScummVM website, so my goal here was to get it tested so it can be supported in the future.

So, I went ahead and went over my own copy of Blue's Clues: Blue's Treasure Hunt with a fine-toothed comb in ScummVM, copying the files as instructed by the Wiki page and hunted for problems and came up with only a few.

It likely wouldn't be too much work to get the game fully supported if a dev has any interest in figuring out what's going on with it.

Worth noting that the actual game does work on modern Windows 10 with no issues, and can be windowed for comparison to scummVM.

Problem 1: Disc 2 and Disc 1 share save files but not IDs

This game is multidisc and Disc 2 wants access to Disc 1's save files.
This is problematic, as Disc 1 and Disc 2 are under separate IDs. As of now the user must rename their save files from Disc 1 to the ID for Disc 2.

An interesting thing of note is that the game's behavior is changed quite a bit when you run enabled debuglevel of 0 or higher. When doing this, both Disc 1 and Disc 2 show the contents of both discs in-game, and no longer look in the /data/ subfolder for content, instead only looking in the root directory. This results in many errors unless the contents of both discs are placed in the root folder of the game folder. It may be possible to allow both discs to work at the same time if someone can figure out what is going on here.

Problem 2: Breakout Minigame does not load levels correctly

On Disc 2, there is a minigame you can play either by completing the game, or by pressing the A key while on the chapter select screen and choosing it on the bottom right from the Activity Select. (I believe it is room 54 if you use the debugger to warp)

Simply put, this doesn't work as intended. It only shows 4 levels and they're all a garbled mess. The intention is for there to be about 100 levels. I believe these are contained by files in /data/levels/, probably in the .BRE files or .WIZ files, but I am not sure how this all works exactly.

Problem 3: Breakout Minigame Editor crashes the program

On the same breakout minigame on Disc 2, there is an editor. The moment you place a block or try to leave the menu, it writes a 0-byte .BRE file and a few kb .WIZ file at the user's save location and the program crashes. The expected behavior is that all this works properly and the user is able to save and play their own levels.

Problem 4: Missing Backgrounds during some animations.

During sequences where Steve "Skidoos" into subareas, a background fails to render for some reason during a part of the animation. This also happens during/after the "found all 3 clues!" sequence, where steve is supposed to be shown sitting on his chair.

Attached I will post some more or less completed savegames to try and assist with dev, but I don't know how useful they will be.

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