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AGS: The Shivah: Segfault when leaving the synagogue

Reported by: Tea23 Owned by: dreammaster
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At the very start of the game, after Stone decides to pay his Shivah call the Jack Lauder, leaving the synagogue and opening the map crashes ScummVM with the following:

scummvm: ./common/array.h:238: T& Common::Array<T>::operator[](Common::Array<T>::size_type) [with T = AGS3::SpriteInfo; Common::Array<T>::size_type = unsigned int]: Assertion `idx < _size' failed.

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comment:1 by criezy, 3 years ago

Debug output from the AGS engine is:

(room:6) Loading room 6
(room:6) Mouse bounds constrained to (0,0)-(319,199)
(room:6) Now in room 6
(room:6) Cursor mode set to 2
(room:6) AudioClip.Play: failed to play sound file
(room:6) Room camera released back to engine control
(room:6)[G 2021] GUI 4 Button 5 normal set to slot 191
(room:6)[G 645] GUIOff(26) ignored (already off)
(room:6)[G 1364] GUI 5 turned on
(room:6)[G 1430] GUIOff(14) ignored (already off)
(room:6)[G 1431] GUIOff(16) ignored (already off)
(room:6)[R 36] GUI 3 Button 6 normal set to slot -1
Assertion failed: (idx < _size), function operator[], file ./common/array.h, line 238.

The assert is caused by using that slot -1 as an index in a Common::Array and it is casted to an unsigned int with a very big value.

I have no idea why this happens though. Looking at the original source code I think it would also crash if it was getting an index of -1.

The call stack for this crash is:

  frame 4: Common::Array<AGS3::SpriteInfo>::operator[](idx=4294967295) at array.h:238:3
  frame 5: AGS3::Button_SetNormalGraphic(guil, slotn=-1) at button.cpp:158:16
  frame 6: AGS3::Sc_Button_SetNormalGraphic(self, params, param_count=1) at button.cpp:362:2
  frame 7: AGS3::ccInstance::Run(this, curpc=100) at cc_instance.cpp:1003:21
  frame 8: AGS3::ccInstance::CallScriptFunction(this, funcname="room_b", numargs=0, params) at cc_instance.cpp:339:15
  frame 9: AGS3::RunScriptFunctionIfExists(sci, tsname="room_b", numParam=0, params) at script.cpp:355:32
  frame 10: scummvm`AGS3::RunTextScript(sci, tsname="room_b") at script.cpp:401:14
  frame 11: AGS3::RunScriptFunction(sc_inst=kScInstRoom, fn_name="room_b", param_count=0, p1, p2) at script.cpp:266:4
  frame 12: AGS3::QueueScriptFunction(sc_inst=kScInstRoom, fn_name="room_b", param_count=0, p1, p2) at script.cpp:255:3
  frame 13: AGS3::run_interaction_script(nint, evnt=6, chkAny=-1, isInv=0) at script.cpp:184:3
  frame 14: AGS3::process_event(evp) at event.cpp:175:4

comment:2 by dreammaster, 3 years ago

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