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ULTIMA8: New Journal Interface creates a few issues

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Priority: normal Component: Engine: Ultima
Version: Keywords: new game journal options
Cc: Game: Ultima VIII: Pagan


This is for the latest development build, compiled 1/28/2021

In Ultima VIII: Pagan, the journal interface has now changed.

While an improvement, this introduces a few issues:
(1) Because Reading and Writing to the Journal now brings up the F5 and F7 Save/Restore game menus, we can no longer create a new Savegame. In the original version of Pagan, the first Savegame always defaulted to "The Beginning." This allowed a player to start a new game by "Reading" the first savegame. Now, with the new UI, we can no longer read that first default savegame, which means there is now no way to start a new game without deleting all previous savegames
(2) The F5 and F7 savegame menus look nice in the default resolution (320 x 240), but look extremely tiny with any other resolution (I know some players prefer 640 x 480). Maybe this can be scaled with an increased resolution?
(3) The Options now brings up the ScummVM Edit Game Volume and Keymaps menus. While it's nice to have this in the game, this now prevents us from accessing other volume features that were in the original Journal, like turning on and off Avatar Steps and turning on and off Animations.
(4) Regarding default Keymaps, maybe the default "Show Touching Items" key should be changed to be different from "h," as this key now brings up the ScummVM debug help menu instead of showing me what the "Touching Items" are.

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comment:1 by bliznik, 17 months ago

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comment:2 by mduggan, 17 months ago

Summary: New Journal Interface creates a few issuesULTIMA8: New Journal Interface creates a few issues

There's a few different things here, but as a workaround for save/load issues you can revert to the original journal by adding "originalsaveload=true" to the ultima8 section of your scummvm.ini.

The Options screen has been like that ever since Pentagram was imported into scummvm though, so that's a different issue - I agree it would be nice to add back options like avatar steps, it's a work in progress to add back some options like that to the ScummVM options screen (they are all still supported in the code)

comment:3 by mduggan, 14 months ago

Thanks to the work of OMGPizzaGuy, the options menu now includes the footsteps option, and the option to use the original save/load screens. I hope that fixes these problems mostly. The appearance in high res may also be nicer now that the high DPI mode has been added, but I haven't checked that.

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