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MYST3: Invisible font on save/load screen/book

Reported by: raziel- Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Myst3
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Cc: Game: Myst 3: Exile


ResidualVM 0.3.0git (Jan 17 2016 09:05:14)
Features compiled in: Vorbis MP3 RGB zLib MPEG2 Theora FreeType2 JPEG PNG

I can't see that i have to type a name.
I accidently saved from the original menu by clicking on the line underneath the black rectangle (but no cursor appeared), typed "f" three times and clicked on save.
The launcher menu showed me that the game was saved, but it didn't let me load it from the ingame menu.

Also, there are no letters visible when i type, so i can't see what i'm typing
and, on loading, there is also a blank page on the left side of the book, when there should be entries.

I can click in the dark there and eventually hit one of the save entries where the "underline" of the save entry will become visible, but that is more or less out of pure luck (and still no visible letters or names of the save entries).

Myst III Exile (Windows/English)

AmigaOS4 - PPC - SDL - BE
gcc (adtools build 5.3.0) 5.3.0

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before screen recovery.png (302.4 KB ) - added by macca8 3 years ago.
after screen recovery.png (1.1 MB ) - added by macca8 3 years ago.
ScummVM_001.png (1.7 MB ) - added by raziel- 3 years ago.
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ScummVM_003.png (2.0 MB ) - added by raziel- 3 years ago.

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comment:1 by macca8, 3 years ago

As discussed in PR3387, I offer these images for your review, in case there's some similarity to your reported issue.

The following images reflect the state of the Myst III save dialog when accessed after Alt+Enter erased the game screen (bug #12476).
In this case, calling Myst III's main menu actually reinstates the game screen when returning to the game, but with game cursor issues.
The first image is before returning to the game, and the second after having returned to the game... note the respective thumbnail images.
The small white square represents the game cursor, both in the game screen and when accessing the main menu.
All this behaviour is fixed when the game is restarted.

by macca8, 3 years ago

Attachment: before screen recovery.png added

by macca8, 3 years ago

Attachment: after screen recovery.png added

comment:2 by raziel-, 3 years ago


Ok, apologies, it seems my bug is different from the one described in PR3387.

/mumbling to myself...why did i never add screenshots?

Here are finally some screenshots to display what i mean.
1st is on the load screen (initially, i haven't clicked anywhere on that page)
2nd is on the load screen (after clicking blindly at the first entry)
3rd is on the save screen (again, no font or description visible)

by raziel-, 3 years ago

Attachment: ScummVM_001.png added

by raziel-, 3 years ago

Attachment: ScummVM_002.png added

by raziel-, 3 years ago

Attachment: ScummVM_003.png added
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