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CINE: OS (Atari ST) - Incorrect intro speed

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Cc: Game: Operation Stealth


When testing the game I had the impression that the game's introduction sequence took way too long. And indeed: When playing the game on the Atari ST I discovered several inconsistencies.


Code card introduction text (from cursor appearing to OK button):
Atari ST: ~ 14 seconds
ScummVM: ~ 29 seconds

Delphine logo (from first shapes appearing to logo faded out):
Atari ST: ~ 13 seconds
ScummVM: ~ 22 seconds

All in all ScummVM requires 2:34 minutes until the briefing, the real hardware requires 2:00 minutes - and that is even though on real hardware the loading times are way longer than on a modern PC, for example 10 seconds for the transition between the hangar / airfield scene in the original vs. 0 seconds in ScummVM.

The problem is that sometimes the speed is mostly correct, sometimes it takes twice as long as the original, and everything in between. I have uploaded a ScummVM recording of the introduction to, the correct speed can be seen in (the video is matching the speed of my Atari ST except for loading times).

The ingame speed seems to be correct.

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