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BACKENDS: Symbian - Distorted voices for NPCs

Reported by: fedor4ever Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Port: Symbian
Version: Keywords: distorted, voices, symbian, SYMBIAN
Cc: Game: Blade Runner


When play game I have distorted voices of NPCs at game start. It has cpu usage 15-20%.

ScummVM version: 2.2.0pre
OS: Symbian
Game language: en
Version of game: GOG

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comment:1 by antoniou79, 4 years ago

Component: Engine: BladerunnerPort: Symbian
Keywords: distorted voices symbian added
Summary: Distorted voicesSYMBIAN: Distorted voices for NPCs

Please, could you clarify?

  • How do you mean distorted? Is there a sample video or audio you could share?
  • Does this happen in the actors' voices during the intro cutscene or only when the game proper begins?

I think this issue is specific to Symbian so I'm marking it as such. Maybe the porter could look into it.

comment:2 by fedor4ever, 4 years ago

I'm symbian porter and dont know where to look for.
I run game. At start and til we arrive to hotel. When load from save - voises good.
I look at scummvm.stderr.txt - there many lines "Warning: numQueuedStreams: 0!"

I have build 2.2.0pre with several engines. I try intro Fly of Amazon queen - voises good. I know arm asm routines for rate.cpp is broken and dont use it.

comment:3 by antoniou79, 4 years ago

It is normal to have a few "Warning: numQueuedStreams: 0!" lines, but if they are a lot then there is some reason that the video is lagging, being very slow and sluggish.

I used to have a possibly same issue when emulating AmigaOS (which was very slow on my PC) *and* choosing "OpenGL" for "Graphics mode". If I chose another option (like no scaling or 2x) then it would be fine -- but I was building with SDL support on AmigaOS).

Maybe it's a similar issue for Symbian?

comment:4 by fedor4ever, 4 years ago

Maybe you right. How check game fps? Do you have ideas to out good sound even with low fps?

comment:5 by antoniou79, 4 years ago

Sorry, no ideas as of yet, I'm afraid.

There is a plan to examine the code again for the video playback (cutscenes), for another bug:

So maybe I could find something to optimize, then. But I won't have time to do this anytime soon.

Any help is welcome in the meantime.

comment:6 by fedor4ever, 4 years ago

Try look to code after release symbian port.

comment:7 by raziel-, 4 years ago

Summary: SYMBIAN: Distorted voices for NPCsBACKENDS: Symbian - Distorted voices for NPCs

comment:8 by lotharsm, 2 years ago

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