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ULTIMA 8: bigger view no longer works with transition from Pentagram to ScummVM

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Priority: normal Component: Engine: Ultima
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Cc: Game: Ultima VIII: Pagan


Pentagram had the option to expand the viewing window from the default 320x200 to anything you liked (via scalex/scaley in the pentagram.ini). This functionality was ripped out in the transition and is sorely missed, it was one of the outstanding features of Pentagram.

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comment:1 by mduggan, 8 months ago

The functionality is still in there, I just removed the mapping to the config as I was focusing on getting the basic game working nicely and it was getting in the way a little :)

Now that's done, I wonder if I should add an "enhanced" mode like for Ultima VI, which provides a double-size window so you get a larger view window etc. That or I can just fix the ini settings and leave it a bit hidden.

comment:2 by DominusExult, 8 months ago

Glad that it was only disabled and not ripped out. Sorry :)
I have to say the "enhanced" mode for Ultima VI confused the hell out of me as it wasn't clear what it means.
For now I'd be happy with the ini setting returning. Though maybe a more descriptive one, I was never happy with the scalex/y name. Maybe viewarea_x/y or something like that

comment:3 by ogui11aume, 3 months ago

Great to hear this is coming up.
Here's a little encouragement.
Having Ultima8 at higher resolutions and with wider viewport really make for a great experience.
Thank you.

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