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    1515For SQ4 particularly it's very beneficial to be able to deactivate digital sound effects while playing with the MT-32 for music as the sounds are all just lo-fi digital samples of MT-32 sound effects, which you'd get in full quality with MUNT or an MT-32. The video I linked at the beginning of the post showcases all 3 games with MIDI and Digital sound effects and where you can test for them at the beginning of each game quite easily.
     17[b]EDIT:[/b] I previously stated that this function would be beneficial for SQ4 floppy particularly because its sound effects are just lo-fi recordings of the MT-32 and having MIDI sound effects with MT-32 sound would be better. However, it seems that SQ4 floppy already plays MIDI sound effects when playing with an MT-32 and unchecking "Prefer digital sound effects". And rechecking it actually activates the digital sounds. So in some cases the checkbox is actually observed. However, when playing with Adlib sound it persists in playing digital sound effects whether it's checked or not so this is still an ongoing issue. For SQ1SCI (EGA/VGA) and PQ3 (EGA/VGA) I noticed that it doesn't make a difference. So far it's only SQ4 floppy that allows MIDI sound effects and ONLY when playing with the MT-32. I'm going to do more testing with other games later.