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    11I'm glad this is helpful! :) If there is an explanation as to why this would be considered technically correct behaviour I'd be very interested to understand the details. I know things more often than not function in a much more complicated way under the hood than on the surface. Especially where reverse engineering is concerned. It would be surprising to learn that is so as, as I noted, SCI0 games that use digital sound work identically to SCI1.0 games when it comes to sound resources (even though they're slightly different formats) and the expected behaviour is present for those games. If unchecking "Prefer digital sound effects" to get MIDI sfx for SCI1.0 games is not the intended behaviour (even though it is for SCI0 games and functions as expected) there should be another similar function to allow these MIDI sfx and ignore digital ones for SCI1.0 as it was a native function of the original DOS interpreter depending on what driver you used.
     3I should also refer to another ticket that first integrated this feature seemingly for SCI0 games back in 2017. This is basically what one would expect to happen for SCI1.0 games.
    35Looking forward to seeing how this develops!