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ScummVM 0.5.1 for Dreamcast

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Hi Marcus

Here is a breakdown on the games I have and their behaviour on the Dreamcast with the new ScummVM 0.5.1 release. As usual I hope it is useful for you, and again again

keep up the great work with the great port for the great Dreamcast.

CYA Torben

Here it goes:

All games are English versions. ScummVM version: 0.5.1 – 7/8 2003.

Maniac Mansion (enhanced): WORKS! Playable.

Day Of The Tentacle: There is a stutter in the game/sound. Playable.

Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders: WORKS! Playable.

Loom (256 color CD version): WORKS! Playable.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Game seems to work fine – just one thing that is wrong, you can’t box in the ring, the cursor disappears when the match starts so there is no button on the controller that makes you punch. Playable.

Indiana Jones 4 and the Fate of Atlantis: There is a stutter in the game/sound – but not much. Playable.

The Secret of Monkey Island (VGA CD): WORKS! Playable

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's revenge: There is a stutter in the game/sound – but not much. Playable.

Curse of Monkey Island: There is a severe stutter in the game/sound - I dunno maybe it is a little bit better in this release. The intro is corrupted, and you have to skip the intro in the right place (early) to play the game otherwise it will crash. The game crashes when you fire the canon, with the robe cut. The game is not playable at all.

The Dig: There is a stutter in the game/sound. Almost playable.

Sam & Max: There is a stutter in the game/sound – but not much. Playable.

Full Throttle: There is a stutter in the game/sound. Sound is bad, and sometimes the sound goes off and there is a high static noise. The game crashes early. Not playable.

Beneath a Steel Sky: WORKS! Intro is working. Can’t skip intro. There is no sound and music in the game (I tried scummVM for windows and got sound and music) Speech/dialog is working though. I don’t think it is possible to save. Playable.

Simon The Sorcerer 1 Talkie (DOS): Works! No sound at all. Can’t save. Playable.

Simon The Sorcerer 1 Talkie (Windows): Doesn’t show up in the menu.

Simon The Sorcerer 2 Talkie (DOS): Works! Can’t save. Playable.

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Your efforts are indeed appreciated, but I think this would be a little more manageable with a bit of restructuring:

* Make a separate bug report for each individual problem (if the same problem occurs in multiple games, it should be one bug report, listing all the games where it occurs)

* Don't make bug reports for things that do work.

Then it will be possible to update the status of the reports as the bugs are taken care of.

In response to the particular problems listed here:

* Indy3

Are you _sure_ you can't box? You're supposed to be able to do it by holding the D-pad in the appropriate direction and pressing X.

* Saving in BaSS and Simon

Known and fixed bug.

* Sound in BaSS

That's odd, I did get sound in the demo at least. Maybe I'll make a CD with the full version some day to try it...

comment:3 by SF/tskywalker, 21 years ago

Hi Marcus

I see your point I am testing the newest cvs-build for Dreamcast at the moment, I will try to restructure the bug report. DOH as simple as that, frankly that eluded me, of course you can box in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade THANX!

CYA Torben

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This bug report has been superseded by reports 790731, 790736, and 790740.

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