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SCUMM/HE: PAJAMA1 - Kitchen music gets stuck in infinite loop

Reported by: jvprat Owned by: AndywinXp
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Cc: Game: Pajama Sam 1


While playing the Steam release of Pajama Sam 1 ( on Windows 10 (build 18363.900) I got stuck on the kitchen because of an infinite loop with the music, which manifests with several different variants:

  • Sometimes when pressing on one of the characters, the mouse pointer disappears like it should start singing, but the background music keeps playing in loop
  • Sometimes the character sings and then the music goes back to the "idle" background music but the character keeps playing the graphic animation like it's going to sing again, and the mouse pointer doesn't reappear
  • Sometimes pressing on a character while one is already singing, the second one starts singing after the first one, but it enters an infinite loop where part of the song of the first character is played and then the full song of the second one

In all of these situations, the mouse pointer disappears and I can't continue playing (ESC doesn't do anything, F5 shows the ScummVM menu).
I noticed it doesn't happen immediately after entering the kitchen, but it happens after staying there for some time.

I could reproduce it with all these ScummVM versions:

  • 2.1.0, the one embedded with the Steam game
  • 2.1.2 stable release
  • Daily builds from commit f16d48c9, both mingw32 and mingw64

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comment:1 by raziel-, 3 years ago

Summary: PAJAMA: Kitchen music gets stuck in infinite loopSCUMM: PAJAMA1 - Kitchen music gets stuck in infinite loop

comment:2 by zeevrosental, 3 years ago

we also have the same problem! :-)

comment:3 by raziel-, 3 years ago

This is a dupe of an old outdated bug which was never fixed: #6448


Could you add your platform, scummvm and game version details, please?


Could you please try with scummvm 2.2.0?

comment:4 by sev-, 18 months ago

Summary: SCUMM: PAJAMA1 - Kitchen music gets stuck in infinite loopSCUMM/HE: PAJAMA1 - Kitchen music gets stuck in infinite loop

comment:5 by theoldsport, 17 months ago

I've reproduced this issue on 2.5.1, as well as a recently compiled version (~April 2022). My system is Windows 11 21H2. According to the older issue, this was present on Win7 machines too. My version of the game is known to Scummvm as "pajama-win", ripped from my copy of the CD-ROM (not the updated version designated as just "pajama").

I can also vouch for the comments on this issue here-

this softlock is that it is more likely to happen when you completed the game more than once


The glitch also seems to affect parts of the mines (the paths after the gold sign). It is not a softlock in these locations, but there is no music except for the gold room and the arcade room. If you visit the mines before the kitchen, then you can know if you have kitchen glitch before you softlock the game and can restart earlier in the run.

In my experience, the fridge audio doesn't loop. Instead, the animation won't play, and there is no sound at all. Control of the cursor is not given back to the player.

comment:6 by AndywinXp, 7 weeks ago

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comment:7 by AndywinXp, 5 weeks ago

This should be fixed with the new sound code changes, can anyone confirm?

comment:8 by AndywinXp, 2 weeks ago

Resolution: assignedfixed
Status: pendingclosed

Oh well. It can always be reopened if it does happen again. I can't reproduce it anymore after several long testing sessions.

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