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[Improvement] Evolution of ScummVm

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i followed the scummVm project from the very start when there was only few games compatible and with only Our loved classic black/green user interface.

Today ScummVm supported titles are a lot and we can find some big classics like Myst, 7th Guest and much more.

I write today because, at this point, i think that can be only a good action to merge Residual (left aside because, at time, only for 3D games) with ScummVm.
ScummVm already support some titles with Pre-rendered 3D scenes and i can't really find a reason to still keep aside Residual with a classic like Grim Fandango.

Those are just my few words but i hope the scummVm team will consider it.

-A terrible pirate-
Federico Pezzuolo

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