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King's Quest V with russian fan translation detected as unknown game variant (but still working!)

Reported by: KainXVIII Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCI
Keywords: Cc:
Game: King's Quest 5


Here is console info:
Matched game IDs for the SCI [all games] engine: chest, christmas1992,
ecoquest-cd, ecoquest2-demo, freddypharkas-demo, gk1demo, gk1, gk2-demo-win,
hoyle4-demo, inndemo, kq6-cd, kq7-win, kquestions, laurabow2-demo, lsl1sci-pl,
lsl5-it, lsl6, lsl6hires, lighthouse-demo, mothergoose256, mothergoosehires,
pepper, pq1sci, pq3-es, pq4demo, pq4-cd, pqswat-demo, qfg1vga, qfg3-demo,
qfg4demo, qfg4, sq6, islandbrain, sci-fanmade

{"resource.000", 0, "2e06c7c14d302778ab0cd4ebd6b7c92f", 12926878},
{"", 0, "536d0eb80bc6f031cdf46bd789c0fd02", 6882},

User picked target 'kq5-fallback' (gameid 'sci')...

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