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ALL: cannot give Hebrew names (maybe even any Unicode char?) to saved games — at Initial Version

Reported by: ZvikaZ Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: GUI
Version: Keywords: hebrew save
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When saving a game, and typing a Hebrew character, its English counterpart is written.

More details:

In the Hebrew keyboard, every key has different meaning when in English mode and in Hebrew Mode.
When in Hebrew mode, and typing inside the save game name dialog, there is a subtle different behaviour:

  • if it's a Hebrew letter, we get the English letter that shares the key (for example, instead of 'ש' we get 'a')
  • if it's a regular Ascii char (in Hebrew mode) - we get that char, and not the English counterpart (e.g., '/', and not 'q').
  • if we paste a Hebrew character inside, we see a question mark

I didn't know what Component this belongs to.

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