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SCI: GK1 Mac Unknown Varient

Reported by: thevolumeremote Owned by: sluicebox
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCI
Version: Keywords: sci32
Cc: thevolumeremote Game: Gabriel Knight 1


This is from my personal floppy disks, not an internet/illegal download. Installed and extracted from a Macintosh G3 on OS 8.6
Gabriel Knight Macintosh Version 1.0 on 12 3.5 floppy disks

The game in 'GK MAC 3.5' seems to be an unknown game variant.

Please report the following data to the ScummVM team at along with the name of the game you tried to add and its version, language, etc.:

Matched game IDs for the SCI [all games] engine: gk1-mac

{"Data4", 0, "d1d776e4a1d97c8ea2afff7e2125b2a2", 3233086},
{"Data1", 0, "c4aea5ab61a4ffcdcffc0ebaf66e06fe", 5831362},
{"Data3", 0, "bad4c3a10356b105614cb24b0d9d943c", 3683997},
{"Data2", 0, "f8ebbcd2bd255778ba0cb48eba17a66d", 6696048},

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comment:1 by sluicebox, 4 years ago

Keywords: sci32 added
Summary: Unknown Varient from personal floppiesSCI: GK1 Mac Unknown Varient

Hello, thank you for the report. Nice extraction setup! Just so you don't get your hopes up, GK1 Mac support isn't stable yet. We're (slowly) working on it. It now starts up if you're using the latest development version but save/load doesn't work yet, wrong colors, among other things. All earlier Sierra Mac games are supported though.

It's tricky to get these Sierra Mac files extracted and named right, and I don't think we've fully covered this in our wiki instructions yet, so lets make sure you've got yours looking like mine:

        0 	Data1
5,831,362 	Data1.rsrc
        0 	Data2
6,696,048 	Data2.rsrc
        0 	Data3
3,683,997 	Data3.rsrc
        0 	Data4
3,233,086 	Data4.rsrc
        0 	Gabriel Knight
  436,660 	Gabriel Knight.rsrc

That's an empty file for each data fork and then a *.rsrc file for the resource fork which for this game is where all the meat is. You don't need the executable "Gabriel Knight" but I would grab it anyway while you're at it just in case something changes and we realize it is needed. There are a few Sierra Mac games like that.

comment:2 by sluicebox, 4 years ago

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I was hoping to hear back about how this went so that we could establish that this isn't a case of a new Mac variant, but I investigated and can rule that out and close this.

From the report we can see that the auto detector is reporting the raw file size instead of the size of the Mac data resource in the resource fork. Each file size matches the raw file size that I posted; which reveals that the reporter's files weren't set up right. (Understandable! We haven't documented how to do this!)

When I md5sum the first 5000 bytes of the raw file (wrong), I get the same values:

head -c 5000 Data1 | md5sum

The correct size in the detection tables is the size of the data resource, which is determined by the auto detector realizing it's dealing with a resource fork and parsing the size out of it. This is always a smaller value than the raw value. The md5sum is then taken from the first 5000 bytes of the data resource within the file.

I don't know the exact misconfiguration that generated this but it is just that, and not a new Mac version. Name the files the (unintuitive) way I posted and it will work.

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