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SCUMM: Indy3 - Fighting with Keypad keys doesn't work correctly

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Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
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Game: Indiana Jones 3


Indy 3 should allow fighting with KP_1 to KP_9 keys, but doesn't.

I suspect the offending code is some kind of partial hard-mapping of some keys like KEYCODE_KP4, KEYCODE_4 etc. in the file script_v6.cpp, line 2786

in the function ScummEngine::getKeyState

How has this gone unnoticed?

This affects gamepads too because dpad and R+dpad is mapped to keypad, which works for walking in Sierra games, but apparently not for fighting in Indy 3.

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comment:1 by rsn8887, 12 months ago

Tested on Linux and Switch

comment:2 by rsn8887, 12 months ago

Priority: highblocker

comment:3 by rsn8887, 12 months ago

It seems to work with number row keys, but not with keypad keys.

comment:4 by raziel-, 3 months ago

Summary: Fighting in Indy 3 with Keypad keys doesn't work correctlySCUMM: Indy3 - Fighting with Keypad keys doesn't work correctly


Are the Linux and Switch platforms based on the SDL backend?
If yes, please take a look here #10558, as it sounds like the exact same problem, i was having on AmigaOS4.
If it is, it should be fairly easy to fix...

comment:5 by sev-, 8 weeks ago

Priority: blockernormal

comment:6 by rsn8887, 6 weeks ago

Why is the workaround
that seems to fix this on Amiga platform only used for Amiga, not for all platforms?

Does numpad fighting work on any platform?

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comment:7 by raziel-, 6 weeks ago


Iirc the fix was limited to Amigaos4 back then because other platforms didn't suffer from the problem.

At least there was never any feedback from other sdl-based platforms or other bug items regarding this.

Also, since I'm only able to test Amigaos4 I'd never assume that the bug would be more than "my platform only".

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