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possible issue with Mixed-Up Mother Goose IIgs and other AGI games

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Game: Mixed-Up Mother Goose


I played through the IIgs version of Mixed-Up Mother Goose, and I noticed sometimes the music cuts off during some of the nursery rhyme sequences. I then realized the music seemed to stop when a sound effect played during the sequence as if the sound effect was causing the music to cut out. And sometimes the nursery rhyme text seemed to freeze without finishing the rhyme. Both the music and text issues can be observed after returning the pail to Jack and Jill.

I then tried it in a IIgs emulator, and I noticed the sequence seemed to play without those issues, but if I increased the emulation speed, I had the same issues as ScummVM. So I'm guessing it's some sort of speed or timing issue and the sequence is playing faster than it should, but I could be completely wrong.

For what its worth, I tried the DOS AGI version, and the same sequence seems to play fine. When I set the in-game speed to "fastest," the nursery rhyme sequence slowed down to "normal" speed.

I suspect other IIgs games are affected with speed issues too. I think it's more noticeable in Mixed-Up Mother Goose because it seems to have more cutscenes than other AGI games.

The IIgs Sierra characters do seem to move faster in ScummVM compared to "normal" IIgs speed, but I actually like the faster speed. Original IIgs speed always felt a bit too slow and stuttery.

I've experienced the issue as of ScummVM 2.1.0.

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