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PS3 ScummVM Blade Runner slow/laggy issues

Reported by: Markamiga500 Owned by: antoniou79
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Bladerunner
Version: Keywords: PS3 lag
Cc: antoniou79 Game: Blade Runner


Following the advice from discord/scummVM member I open a ticked here tyring to explain my situation the best i can (dont forget that i originally speak & write in french so please forgive me if sometime i have difficulty)

It all initially started when i discovered this recent news (June 16 2019)

I LITTERALLY jump over my sit in a explosion of joy since its the ONLY old PC games i kept (along my Luscast Art ones) since the purchase date. I still have the PC original box , & 4xCD boxset , English and French edition too! need to explain how excited i am right now , since i play everything on my PS3 and this particular game (with Grim Fandango) are the only one i was not able to play right now. I have high hope concerning this title (and Grim Fandango too , but it will be another story) :)

Ok , Im Trying to run/play Blade Runner on my NTSCT CECH-2001A PS3 CFW Console running on 4.82 Cobra Rebug Firmware.

(1) I built my game folder following theses instruction:

(2) I downloaded the "ps3-master-latest.tar.xz" from the nightly builds page available here :

(3) I started the game and my heart almost had a failure when i see that the game was booting !! but quickly felt into a small depression when i discovered that the game is slow/laggy.

I will try to explain the situation the best i can here :

---Intro Cinematic are slow/laggy , sound too.
---Once in the "gameplay portion" when our character is at the Runciters shop , the naration(voice) sound 100% fluid and ok , I click to walk toward the police officer and my character "rush" since the game is laggy/slow , but once the conversation start , again the sound is 100% fluid and ok.

I hope you talented guys will be able to find a solution for this title
even getting a PS3 ScummVm version optomized for this game only if necessary.

I follow your discussion on discord and I must say that (even if i dont understand a single thing) are astonished by your level of knowledge and how professionally and friendly your communication between the members are concerning this "PS3 Optimization" project. I sincerely feel honored and blessed to have found your team. Thanks you so much !

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comment:1 by antoniou79, 5 years ago

Component: --Unset--Engine: Bladerunner
Keywords: lag added; BLADE RUNNER SCUMMVM removed

comment:2 by Markamiga500, 5 years ago

to answer rootfather , who asked me if my CFW PS3 using ScummVm would support/play game like Broken Sword 1 , im actually re-testing it (after somes years) and it work FLAWLESSLY , no issue at all.

comment:3 by Markamiga500, 5 years ago

Ok i tried the optimized build bgk created earlier today :

WOW , what a major improvement !
now intro (BladeRunner / Westwood partnership present)on the blue grid speed (traveling & zoom) is pretty good & fluid , sound seem fluid & working good at 100% too , no lag at all !!

The long vertical text about the Nexus 6 is fluid , good speed , sound is ok

The introduction Cinematic with spinner flying over L.A. with multiple fire chimney run a decent fluid speed but come with tiny sound issues...

The cinematic inside the Runciters shop is a bit too slow and accompanied with constant skippy sound...

Landing on McCoy Appartment building rooftop is fluid , everything running on background like big spot light , wind turbine and mist are fluid
...i notice slowdown when i point a location and double click to run to the location with the character. (Character ONLY , everything in the background speed are not affected while the character have slowdown)

comment:4 by Markamiga500, 5 years ago

All in all , i think its fine tuning that is necessary
I dont know how to rate exactly how much the video need to be accelerated and scratchy/laggy sound need to be adjusted. but the improvement are incredible.... Im totally impressed !

comment:5 by Markamiga500, 5 years ago

...hum....i think it worth mentionning it :

Im at the desk of the shooting stand when we see the ceiling fan shadow passing on the desk ...i notice small slowing performance here and there. so i assume this situation will be the very same on all the background (in-game) scenes.

comment:6 by Markamiga500, 5 years ago

Shooting scene are working ! (unbelievable!)
...character continue to have slowdown when double-clicking for running

I assume i mentionned enought details for today
I will wait next updated "optomized" version to test it

comment:7 by Markamiga500, 5 years ago

also worth mentionning that when clicking ON the character to open the "KIA" menu it take some time for it to open , much longuer than originally conceived and also the pointer/cursor travel far less faster than originally also.

comment:8 by antoniou79, 4 years ago

Cc: antoniou79 added

@Markamiga500 have you tested with a recent development build on PS3?
Are there any improvements?
KIA open should be faster at least.
Maybe McCoy's movement has improved as well?

comment:9 by antoniou79, 4 years ago

Since the ticket creator reported on Discord that the issue is entirely fixed, I'm closing the ticket.

For reference, this is from ScummVM Discord server, #general channel on March 8th 2020:

[5:21 AM] markamiga500: Hello Gentlemen
[5:21 AM] markamiga500: OK , i finally had time to check everything about BLADE RUNNER running on PS3 ScummVM
I must say that everything is fluid , everything seem perfect for me

comment:10 by antoniou79, 4 years ago

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