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CRYO: Lost Eden Variant Not Detected

Reported by: necros2k7 Owned by: lotharsm
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Cryo
Version: Keywords:
Cc: Game: Lost Eden


The game in 'Z:\1\!LOSTEDEN\' seems to be an unknown game variant.

Please report the following data to the ScummVM team at along with the name of the game you tried to add and its version, language, etc.:

Matched game IDs for the Macromedia Director engine: jewels-demo-win

{"DEMO.EXE", 0, "3aa676873481dd14d389ba60c8f09700", 74026},

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comment:1 by digitall, 5 years ago

Summary: Game Lost Eden identified asDIRECTOR: Lost Eden not identified

The DIRECTOR engine is still WIP as per:

Will see if the DIRECTOR engine developers want to add these as detection targets, but even if they do the game will likely not run with the engine in the current state.

comment:2 by angstsmurf, 5 years ago

Note that Lost Eden is not a Macromedia Director game. It seems like ScummVM does not detect this version of Lost Eden at all, but instead picks up on the included Windows demo of Jewels of the Oracle.

comment:3 by digitall, 5 years ago

Mea Culpa. I should have checked the Engine Wiki in more detail.

Lost Eden has a number of versions, but it _should_ be supported by the CRYO engine:

necros2k7: Please provide a file listing with md5sums of your Lost Eden datafiles and some indication of what exactly this variant came from i.e. exact release date, cdrom marking / pressing identifier?

comment:4 by digitall, 5 years ago

Component: Engine: DirectorEngine: Cryo
Owner: set to digitall
Resolution: worksforme
Status: newpending
Summary: DIRECTOR: Lost Eden not identifiedCRYO: Lost Eden Variant Not Detected

comment:5 by digitall, 5 years ago

Game: Lost Eden

comment:6 by necros2k7, 4 years ago

I think it`s demo
2528a822ef659c6d632bace07cdbcbcd dem\ANCIBUR2.HNM
636787650ce64a1350148c46e86af652 dem\CEMETER2.HNM
e974695ebe278442eebfbac7b4fecb4f dem\CRYO.HNM
cb97515456625cfb77f1df76979ba218 dem\CRYO2.HNM
652259b0e5ced3f19c23c23f09f1ba8b dem\CRYOMUS.HSQ
579cc7374f9da16c615bf7bbde8ddcea dem\DEMO.EXE
7c719eac3714b518eae2df62661d8b72 dem\DINOINT1.HNM
071bc1ed74a2114a387adb96754d77c3 dem\DINOINT2.HNM
4f96cbeac039605c46caf395a5e9dcb7 dem\DINOINT3.HNM
cad14d401b4f95f61ccbd9589c88b01a dem\DINOINT4.HNM
f7778ede6180aafe5e2025ed266d7b32 dem\DN386.HSQ
015b9e49931dcd3666dcfd3384a34745 dem\DNADL.HSQ
d19c4a24b6545fa3eb6736ae86ff5ba6 dem\DNPCS.HSQ
d19c4a24b6545fa3eb6736ae86ff5ba6 dem\DNPCS2.HSQ
3de62d960bd375df5aadf95e27af39b6 dem\DNVGA.HSQ
50e58f2ee9ad3cc8db93b4d1845d0926 dem\EDEN.BAT
8290895bb6b016af29c4694f5558a60e dem\EDEN6.HSQ
46cb6d291b270529203a67b058c9403b dem\FORET2.HSQ
69629dce0084f8e6bbeb31749bdac9e4 dem\FORETVOL.HNM
5c292abdfd2c0dfb71071077445636a5 dem\GEOL2.HNM
bfd57f6a446eaf2b02cc8a6dbde38be4 dem\GRANPRAI.HNM
42854d9f6003b9cd16d87ff1079f51fa dem\HNM.BAT
5f3cf5fe168571b0ca56033e2ec34abd dem\ICONES.HSQ
249f43eec45426059eee9bc6f441213d dem\LAC2.HSQ
60e08f23b241ed66c8eaafd13c7cae2e dem\MARAIVOL.HNM
aa00db04a73a8c5240dd9912a336eb71 dem\MONMAR2.HSQ
00275923263e5a9a15a44d8a9906507e dem\MORNING.HSQ
6ca8778353931a6badfe6423b8342518 dem\PAYSAGE.HNM
b66a1191f34d462b36c6520d04560fde dem\PTEROCI2.HNM
d70745bb8be261c590290e4a4fe39d2b dem\PTEROCIT.HNM
732624ef96c00e2edf4703f0c6099fad dem\ROI.HNM
18c03ca682dd47f5c5e798a91e21ba3e dem\SAVAGE.HSQ
1c4bedfcfd9211658e356e9374afc17e dem\SOHTIL1.HNM
322280e6600fe242be8c1bc30be57acd dem\SROI2.HNM
90af2cc5868dcbe5f6a606fd7c18dabf dem\TYRACHAS.HNM
a5778a9468f1e5637e294b3cb50b8aba dem\VAL8.HSQ
9e36ee1e60c9d63117406132c9af2e0e dem\VIL2INT5.HNM
625337d6ac531666fd20fc9d2f9b5c50 dem\VILOPTER.HNM
405d019463a1c6ca2d36acd01e70f9b2 dem\VIRGIN.HNM
Src is unknown(copied from friend)

comment:7 by lotharsm, 4 years ago

I'm afraid adding a detection entry for a game based on an "unknown source" will hardly be added to the ScummVM code since we have no way to verify the integrity of the entry...

comment:8 by lotharsm, 4 years ago

Owner: changed from digitall to lotharsm
Resolution: worksformewontfix
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