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GLK: FROTZ: Beyond Zork graphics font gets downscaled, losing detail

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When creating a new character in Beyond Zork (doesn't work unless you disable curly quotation marks), it shows bars for the attributes and the remaining points to distribute among them. When you've used up all your points, there is a slight glitch with the slider: It has no vertical line at the left end.

This appears to be because the graphics, which are originally 8x8 pixels, get rescaled to 7x13 pixels.

The glitch doesn't show up with the stats are at their lowest, because then they show 1% ("XPOOO ..." in the graphical font). The available points can show 0% ("XOOOO ..." in the graphical font).

If I increase "monosize" to 12 in conf.cpp, the glitch is less visible since the characters are scaled to 8x14 pixels. I'm not sure if it went away completely though, because I can't see any difference between 0% and 1% and I'm not sure why.

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Summary: GLK: FROTZ: Beyond Zork hraphics font gets downscaled, losing detailGLK: FROTZ: Beyond Zork graphics font gets downscaled, losing detail
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