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Monkey Island EGA: CMS music has problems

Reported by: vanfanel Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
Keywords: Monkey Island, EGA, Music, CMS Cc:
Game: Monkey Island 1


Scummvm version: ScummVM 2.1.0git

Bug details: Chose Creative Music System for audio. Start Monkey Island EGA (Floppy DOS version, English). Enter Scumm Bar kitchen. Exit Scumm Bar kitchen. You will notice music does not play anymore.
Another situation: Enter the Melee Island church. Exit church, and re-enter. Music does not play anymore.

This is only happening with CMS music/audio. Other supported sound systems work as expected.

OS: GNU/Linux (X86_64 and ARM), distro is irrelevant in this case. Built for SDL2 with ALSA audio backend.

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