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Renewal of the CLI parameter --list-games

Reported by: ArcadeTV Owned by: sev-
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Version: Keywords: games-list, cli, game-id, datafiles
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Possible integration of a renewal of the CLI parameter "--list-games" and dropping the parameter "--list-targets":

scummvm --list-games [additional options]

Outputs a complete list of supported games and additional data in xml format.

Users will have a rather comfortable way to check their datafiles while developers and frontend-people can utilize the data.

Data structure proposal (if applicable):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE scummvm PUBLIC "-//Scummvm//DTD Games Management Datafile//EN" "">
<scummvm version="2.1.0" build="xxx" ...>
	<engine name="SCUMM">
			Lucasfilm / Lucasarts Games
		<game id="atlantis" language="en">
					Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
			<target id="atlantis-amiga">
					<rom name="amiga1.ims" size="72558" crc="377b7a12"/>
					<rom name="amiga10.ims" size="108142" crc="ef712bab"/>
					<rom name="amiga11.ims" size="92232" crc="c459e221"/>
					<rom name="amiga2.ims" size="92348" crc="87645b64"/>
					<rom name="amiga3.ims" size="108022" crc="9428544a"/>
					<rom name="amiga4.ims" size="87946" crc="4dd8ebdd"/>
					<rom name="amiga5.ims" size="120712" crc="092e5bee"/>
					<rom name="amiga6.ims" size="81074" crc="30df041c"/>
					<rom name="amiga7.ims" size="98016" crc="eaf41ff0"/>
					<rom name="amiga8.ims" size="98016" crc="eaf41ff0"/>
					<rom name="amiga9.ims" size="87160" crc="ef848134"/>
					<rom name="atlantis.000" size="12035" crc="75c86863"/>
					<rom name="atlantis.001" size="567950" crc="17fa8b06"/>
					<rom name="atlantis.002" size="678928" crc="9b3d1ebe"/>
					<rom name="atlantis.003" size="705605" crc="d1525b70"/>
					<rom name="atlantis.004" size="734533" crc="6c244c2b"/>
					<rom name="atlantis.005" size="711089" crc="fff20b58"/>
					<rom name="atlantis.006" size="758090" crc="58a9e787"/>
					<rom name="atlantis.007" size="742864" crc="b677d420"/>
					<rom name="atlantis.008" size="737731" crc="80b89c6c"/>
					<rom name="atlantis.009" size="750668" crc="65aac47b"/>
					<rom name="atlantis.010" size="688077" crc="ae25f49d"/>
					<rom name="atlantis.011" size="739373" crc="439f7b73"/>
					Very good
					LucasArts, Disney


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While this is a viable request, we do not have that rich game metainfo in ScummVM. Thus, this simply cannot be implemented.

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