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Lipsync not working in Full Throttle

Reported by: rsn8887 Owned by: rsn8887
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
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Cc: Game: Full Throttle


Lip-sync* has to be fixed for Full Throttle (and maybe in other Scumm games, too).

Here's proof:
Full Throttle Dosbox showing lip-sync at 10m 22s:

Full Throttle ScummVM showing no lipsync at 10m 05s:

To get to the scene shown in above videos takes about 1 minute:

  • Start game press esc esc esc esc to skip all cutscenes, until you are in the first gameplay scene.
  • Click the trash container a few times to jump out
  • Walk right one screen
  • Kick the door to the bar by holding mousebutton over door and selecting foot (such a weird interface)
  • Then save so you won't have to do this again
  • The scene plays as soon as you walk into the now open door.

Already in first sentence in that scene, your character says "I, uh, fixed your door." There should be no lip movement during the commas before and after the "uh" pronounciation. This is not the only place, there's no lip sync anywhere in Full Throttle in ScummVM.

This might affect other games, too.

*with lip-sync I mean the behavior that a character's mouth stops moving even during pauses in the middle of sentences.

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comment:1 by rsn8887, 6 years ago

This might be somewhat related to , but that PR only fixes lipsync in DOTT, it doesn't fix lipsync in Full Throttle.

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