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#10251 closed defect (fixed)

SCI: Rama Demo crashes on start

Reported by: dafioram Owned by: csnover
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCI
Version: Keywords: sci32
Cc: Game: RAMA


os: ubuntu 17.07

WARNING: autoDetectSci21KernelType(): Sound object not loaded, assuming a SCI2.1 table!
parameter 0: 0000:0000 (null, integer), should be null, integer
parameter 1: 0017:1392 (object), should be object
parameter 2: 0000:0001 (integer), should be null, integer
parameter 3: 0000:ffff (integer), should be null, integer
parameter 4: 0000:00c8 (integer), should be null, integer
parameter 5: 0000:0000 (null, integer), should be null, integer
parameter 6: 0000:0000 (null, integer), should be null, integer
parameter 7: 000a:0003 (reference), should be null, integer
parameter 8: not passed, should be reference (optional)
parameter 9: not passed, should be null, integer (optional)
[VM] kSetShowStyle[2e]: signature mismatch in method Styler::doit (room 0, script 64909, localCall ffffffff)!
Debugger entered, please switch to this console for input.


Call stack (current base: 0x0):
 0: script 0 - Rama::play()
     obj@0001:1368 pc=0001:0e9e sp=ST:0000 fp=ST:0000 argp:ST:0001
 1: script 64994 - Game::play()
     by 0 obj@0001:1368 pc=0003:0370 sp=ST:0002 fp=ST:0002 argp:ST:0001
 2: script 0 - Rama::init()
     by 1 obj@0001:1368 pc=0001:0238 sp=ST:000a fp=ST:0007 argp:ST:0006
 3: script 0 - Rama::newGame()
     by 2 obj@0001:1368 pc=0001:0280 sp=ST:000c fp=ST:000c argp:ST:000b
 4: script 90 - RamaInterface::init()
     by 3 obj@0017:117c pc=0017:037e sp=ST:000e fp=ST:000e argp:ST:000d
 5: script 64917 - interfacePlane::drawPic(0000:fffe)
     by 4 obj@0017:1392 pc=0012:0429 sp=ST:0014 fp=ST:0014 argp:ST:0012
 6: script 64909 - Styler::doit(0017:1392, 0000:0000)
     by 5 obj@0014:02bb pc=0014:02af sp=ST:0023 fp=ST:0018 argp:ST:0015

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Owner: set to csnover
Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Thanks for your report! A patch for this issue has been added in commit b2966f3fc8b7bbf429373d9988ea1280660dc33b and will be available in daily builds 1.10.0git-5090 and later.

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