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TITANIC: Some numbers entered via numpad get duplicated

Reported by: dafioram Owned by: dreammaster
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Titanic
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Cc: Game: Starship Titanic


scummvm: 1.10.0git-4313-g9d2ca34

When entering in numbers via the numpad like changing floors, some of them are repeated. This was do to some change made recently, since I've been using the numpad for changing floors.

Entering in:
2 gives 22
4 gives 44
5 gives 55
6 gives 66
8 gives 88

Its only in-game doesn't happen if I pull up the gmm. Doesn't happen if am saving a game using the in-game save.

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comment:1 by dreammaster, 7 years ago

Hmmm.. looks like some confusion in the code about them being used as movement/scrolling keys versus number keys. Whilst the original did respect the NumLock, since I'll be introducing general movement keys, it would be better, in my opinion to keep the NumPad as movement all the time. Otherwise, the user might try to use 8 for forward, and wonder why it doesn't work. Particularly if the conversation tab of the PET isn't active, since they wouldn't see a standard number being added. Plus manually typing in floor numbers isn't something that frequently needs to be done.

I'll leave this bug open for now, and close it once I've fixed the behaviour of the numpad so it never adds numbers in.

comment:2 by dreammaster, 7 years ago

Hmmm.. on the other hand, I just saw your note in the other movement bug about moving when trying to type numbers into savegame names using the original UI. I guess it may be better to keep the original behaviour unchanged and respect NumLock. I can always fall back on allowing the numbers to be used for movement still if the conversation tab isn't active, and you're not entering a save name.

comment:3 by dreammaster, 7 years ago

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