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#9576 SCI: Resource manager should stream audio Engine: SCI enhancement new 10/01/16
#9580 SCI: GK2: Improve bad AV sync in GK2 VMDs Engine: SCI enhancement new 10/01/16
#9677 SCI: GK2: Subtitle patch doesn't work Engine: SCI enhancement new 12/20/16
#9678 WME: Reversion - The Meeting (Checksum) Engine: Wintermute enhancement rootfather new 12/28/16
#9679 WME: Reversion - The Escape (Checksum) Engine: Wintermute enhancement rootfather new 12/28/16
#9690 SCI: PQ4CD: Needs "dual" audio mode selection Engine: SCI enhancement new 01/12/17
#9755 Mention snap in install instructions Web enhancement new 05/03/17
#9781 SCI: Enable save from ScummVM menu in SCI32 games Engine: SCI enhancement new 05/12/17
#9792 SCI: GK1: Add option to disable cursor scaling? Engine: SCI enhancement new 05/17/17
#9807 SCI: GK1: Restore missing Windows video in Day 6, Bayou Cutscene? Engine: SCI enhancement new 05/29/17
#9839 GUI: Improve handling of 'Filter Graphics' option activation/deactivation. GUI enhancement new 06/12/17
#10032 SCI: MGDX: No auto-fallback to GM when MT-32 enabled Engine: SCI enhancement new 08/01/17
#10134 SCUMMVM: Please add a 'Prompt to Save' feature to games. --Other-- enhancement new 08/15/17
#10197 SCI: Shivers1: Add saving via GMM Engine: SCI enhancement new 09/11/17
#10313 GUI: Please clarify expected behaviour of 'Apply' button. GUI enhancement new 11/08/17
#10328 Ps vita uma0 support Ports enhancement new 11/23/17
#10373 SCI: Lighthouse: Cannot return to lighthouse Engine: SCI enhancement new 12/20/17
#10376 GUI: Enable aspect ratio correction by default GUI enhancement new 12/23/17
#10390 MOHAWK: Riven: Key Mapping Engine: Mohawk enhancement new 01/01/18
#10404 SCI: LSL7: parser behavior improvement Engine: SCI enhancement new 01/16/18
#10432 WME Carol Reed Mysteries hint system not working Engine: Wintermute enhancement new 02/17/18
#10436 Allow using the ScummVM built-in file browser on macOS Ports enhancement new 02/21/18
#10437 Add a Help menu in the ScummVM menubar on mac to access documentation Ports enhancement csnover new 02/21/18
#10467 Renewal of the CLI parameter --list-games --Unset-- enhancement new 03/26/18
#10535 WEB: Update style guide for naming of functions and template types Web enhancement new 05/20/18
#10602 MYST: Opening logos should be played after the menu, not before Engine: Mohawk enhancement new 06/30/18
#10697 Support non english Steam versions Engine: SCUMM enhancement new 09/01/18
#10708 Unknown game variant: Danish Pink Panther: Passport to Peril localisation --Other-- enhancement new 09/20/18
#10712 Police Quest: SWAT - Small VMD(s) aren't centred! Engine: SCI enhancement new 09/24/18
#10713 Police Quest: SWAT - Most VMD(s) are small! Engine: SCI enhancement new 09/24/18
#7232 AUDIO: SFX/Music from Amiga files (SCUMM) Engine: SCUMM enhancement Kirben new 08/02/02
#7301 AUDIO: Improve music in the Mac version of MI1 Engine: SCUMM enhancement new 08/02/03
#7307 DC: Possibility to select a specific VMU for saving Ports enhancement zeldin new 08/08/03
#7331 MIDI: Percussive Organ pitch correction with GM output enhancement new 10/30/03
#7354 DC: Add PAL60 support for ScummVM Ports enhancement zeldin new 03/23/04
#7420 MT-32: Write "Memory Timbres" names to LCD enhancement new 04/06/05
#7457 GOBLIIINS: Atari ST version color palette Engine: Gob enhancement new 12/09/05
#7493 savepath includes homedir statically enhancement new 05/31/06
#7502 ALL: Check for presence and validity of external data files enhancement new 07/11/06
#7527 Recognize zipped savegame when no Zlib was compiled enhancement sev- new 12/14/06
#7535 Move special debug flags init to plugin API enhancement new 02/04/07
#7546 DS: Action GUI Ports enhancement agent-q new 02/22/07
#7554 Gob2 (Mac): Add support for Mac music Engine: Gob enhancement DrMcCoy new 03/08/07
#7558 SDL: mouse emulation through cursor keys Ports enhancement new 03/26/07
#7560 DC: Map "." to a free button Ports enhancement zeldin new 03/31/07
#7564 FOTAQ code modifications (mostly for greek translation) Engine: Queen enhancement new 05/22/07
#7569 WINCE: AGI games function keys Ports enhancement SF/knakos new 06/01/07
#7597 ITE: Add support for Inherit the Earth OS X bundle Engine: SAGA enhancement sev- new 11/07/07
#7599 Stream non-compressed sound directly from files enhancement new 11/16/07
#7600 ALL: standardization of savegames names enhancement new 11/19/07
#7602 Expose game hotspots to backend enhancement new 11/27/07
#7603 iPhone: Pie menu for keyboard input? Ports enhancement vinterstum new 11/28/07
#7604 GUI: Game selection through pictures instead of text GUI enhancement new 12/02/07
#7605 Different game description according to language enhancement new 12/02/07
#7606 Add RSS feeds in forum Web enhancement new 12/03/07
#7610 DIG details are missing Engine: SCUMM enhancement new 12/24/07
#7611 BS1 details are missing Engine: Sword1 enhancement new 12/24/07
#7612 BS2 details are missing Engine: Sword2 enhancement new 12/24/07
#7614 Implementing a 4x and 5x scaler enhancement new 01/03/08
#7621 PSP: Analog movement resetting full brightness to screen Ports enhancement joostp new 02/09/08
#7622 WINCE: Disable mouse, menu, keyboard Ports enhancement SF/knakos new 02/23/08
#7624 PS2: HDD Partition, QUIT button and misc. Ports enhancement sunmax new 03/06/08
#7625 PS2 Port: Screen Centering Ports enhancement sunmax new 03/06/08
#7630 GP2X F200: No F10 keymap Ports enhancement djwillis new 04/07/08
#7649 ALL: visible warning when CD music missing enhancement bluegr new 08/05/08
#7653 CMD: Loading a non-existent save with -x continues normally enhancement new 09/03/08
#7658 PS2: Map R2 button as dot key and turn of interlacing Ports enhancement sunmax new 09/12/08
#7659 PS2: Add stamp to savegame names Ports enhancement sunmax new 09/12/08
#7660 PC: Button assignments (ie. Mouse 3 for "." - skip dialogue) enhancement new 09/17/08
#7661 PC-ALL: Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, maybe even Saturation. enhancement new 09/17/08
#7664 PS2: Wavetable MIDI support Ports enhancement new 09/23/08
#7666 KYRA2: Add support for Polish floppy version Engine: Kyra enhancement athrxx new 10/04/08
#7668 WINCE: Support portrait mode on Dell x51v (VGA screen) Ports enhancement SF/knakos new 10/30/08
#7671 WinCE: 640x240 Full Screen (Jornada 720) Ports enhancement new 11/19/08
#7678 KYRA2: Add support for Spanish floppy version Engine: Kyra enhancement athrxx new 01/11/09
#7683 Key Mapper enhancement new 02/12/09
#7684 DS: Change options dialog to use popup widget for zoom level Ports enhancement agent-q new 02/13/09
#7685 SYMBIAN: Port to UIQ 2.1 Ports enhancement anotherguest new 02/13/09
#7686 ALL: Display errors in graphic display before exiting enhancement new 02/19/09
#7687 SCUMM: Smooth Scrolling Engine: SCUMM enhancement new 03/11/09
#7688 GUI: Scrolling TextWidget for displaying Help texts etc. GUI enhancement new 03/16/09
#7690 Use enviroment variables in scummvm.ini enhancement new 03/25/09
#7700 Wii: Support Sound Settings Ports enhancement dhewg new 05/30/09
#7702 Wii: Support keymapper Ports enhancement dhewg new 05/30/09
#7704 DC: Add game chooser when more than one game detected Ports enhancement zeldin new 06/13/09
#7705 DC: Simon Puzzle Pack support? Ports enhancement new 06/20/09
#7708 KYRA3: Support for Russian fan translation Engine: Kyra enhancement lordhoto new 06/26/09
#7714 DC: Game Listing Utility Ports enhancement zeldin new 07/12/09
#7715 GUI: Improve Mass Add button GUI enhancement new 07/14/09
#7719 GUI: graphics mode selection GUI enhancement new 07/14/09
#7720 GUI: default option GUI enhancement sev- new 07/14/09
#7722 GUI: volume and subtitles speed sliders GUI enhancement new 07/14/09
#7726 Allow user defined path for screenshots enhancement new 07/17/09
#7729 DC: autosave switch/toggle feature Ports enhancement new 07/27/09
#7732 GUI: disable irrelevant options according to the context GUI enhancement new 08/03/09
#7739 DW1: Invert subtitle speed slider effect Engine: Tinsel enhancement dreammaster new 09/17/09
#7746 Teen Agent Czech Language support Engine: TeenAgent enhancement SF/megath new 01/10/10
#7754 GP2X-WIZ: D-pad for movement in AGI games Ports enhancement djwillis new 03/29/10
#7758 DREAMCAST: Increased icon size/color depth Ports enhancement zeldin new 04/13/10
#7769 DRASCULA: Add pause mode Engine: Drascula enhancement new 05/30/10
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