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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#10365 SAGA: ITE: Crash when talking to Sist Engine: SAGA defect new 12/17/17
#10451 ANDROID: Crash when GUI language is set to certain languages GUI defect new 03/19/18
#10586 MOHAWK: MYST: Focus issues with Gamebar enabled on Windows 10 Port: Win32 defect new 06/26/18
#10587 WIN32: Launching via .cmd file with openGL and fullscreen fails on HiDPI displays Port: Win32 defect new 06/26/18
#10825 [Pajama Sam 2, RU] Terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc' Engine: SCUMM defect new 12/03/18
#10861 Darby the dragon: ERROR: Archive does not contain 'ANIM' 2329! Engine: Composer defect new 01/01/19
#9705 FULLPIPE: AmigaOS: Crash on start Engine: Fullpipe defect new 02/13/17
#10004 Android: Virt Keyboard modifier keys inconsistent after reopening keypad Port: Android defect new 07/28/17
#10529 SPY FOX 3 GERMAN: Voices do not work at all Engine: SCUMM defect new 05/17/18
#10610 Mismatch with libcurl3 from buildbot setup and libcurl4 from Debian/sid. Port: Linux defect new 07/05/18
#10622 Journeyman Project - Pegasus Prime error Engine: Pegasus defect new 07/11/18
#10765 QFG4 floppy: Assertion Error celobj32.cpp:179 at the swamp Engine: SCI defect new 10/23/18
#10835 QFG4: Mage stuck unable to cast spells in endgame crystal room Engine: SCI defect new 12/13/18
#3712 ALL: --savepath=PATH broken GUI defect new 04/30/08
#5405 WOODRUFF: Can't Get Master's Powers Engine: Gob defect DrMcCoy new 10/08/10
#5667 HUGO: Priority glitches in Whodunit? (Main Hall) Engine: Hugo defect Strangerke new 04/24/11
#5730 AGI: Winnie: Color flood fill issue Engine: AGI defect m-kiewitz new 06/01/11
#5862 AGOS: Deadlock when quitting Waxworks demo Engine: AGOS defect Mataniko new 10/06/11
#5914 IPHONE: swipe to simulate arrow keys doesn't work Port: iOS defect vinterstum new 12/04/11
#6013 DW1: Act 2 Amazon dialog still skipping in GRA Versions Engine: Tinsel defect new 03/29/12
#6054 HUGO: Priority glitch in Whodunit? (Parrot) Engine: Hugo defect Strangerke new 06/19/12
#6132 SCUMM: USE_ARM_COSTUME_ASM is buggy Engine: SCUMM defect new 08/31/12
#6243 AGOS: The Feeble Files PL - wrong file used Engine: AGOS defect Kirben new 02/06/13
#6533 WME: Ghost in the Sheet - Freeze of final cutscenes Engine: Wintermute defect new 02/09/14
#6810 ARM: Various Crashes due to buggy ARM ASM optimizations Ports defect new 02/25/15
#6957 AUDIO: ARM ASM sound code causes distorted audio on 32 bit armv6 Ports defect new 11/21/15
#9549 Game looking for DAT rather than DXA Engine: SCUMM defect new 08/21/16
#9553 SHERLOCK: Cleopatra's Needle graphic glitch Engine: Sherlock defect new 08/31/16
#9578 SCI: SQ6: Polysorbate LX Street #2 global music volume is wrong Engine: SCI defect new 10/01/16
#9579 SCI: Music volume at zero still plays music very softly Engine: SCI defect new 10/01/16
#9589 SCI: SQ6: Pathfinding failure allows clipping through scenery Engine: SCI defect new 10/01/16
#9591 Zak McKracken FM Towns Intro runs too fast Engine: SCUMM defect new 10/02/16
#9593 SCI: LSL5 (and others): port drawing issues Engine: SCI defect new 10/02/16
#9596 SHERLOCK: Music / Speech volume is not adjustable Engine: Sherlock defect new 10/02/16
#9601 Helga Deep in Trouble - graphics glitch Engine: Wintermute defect new 10/07/16
#9619 SCUMM: PUTTZOO- Kenya Animation Bug Persists Engine: SCUMM defect new 10/19/16
#9629 SIMON1: Hebrew version ignores subtitle speed setting Engine: AGOS defect new 10/24/16
#9646 SCI: QFG1: Running on ice till health points depletion won't kill hero. Engine: SCI defect new 11/12/16
#9647 FW: Mouse requires long/multiple clicks to register Engine: Cine defect new 11/24/16
#9664 Conf parameter still creates files in %appdata% Port: Win32 defect new 12/09/16
#9669 FULLPIPE: Scenes 31/32/34 - Inconsistent character state Engine: Fullpipe defect new 12/11/16
#9671 FULLPIPE: Assorted graphical glitches Engine: Fullpipe defect new 12/11/16
#9681 SCI: MUMG256: Crash when clicking in the wrong place on the Sierra logo Engine: SCI defect new 01/01/17
#9683 WME: Helga Deep in Trouble - Graphic mistake Engine: Wintermute defect new 01/04/17
#9704 WME: Reversion 1+2 Font issues with installed font Engine: Wintermute defect new 02/11/17
#9707 PQ1AGI: Segfault during restore via GMM at cards game Engine: AGI defect m-kiewitz pending 02/13/17
#9708 R2R: Return to Ringworld save game progress no longer works Engine: TsAGE defect new 02/13/17
#9710 LOST IN TIME: Palette corruption Engine: Gob defect new 02/25/17
#9713 FULLPIPE: AmigaOS: Sprites/Animation broken Engine: Fullpipe defect new 03/07/17
#9720 WINTERMUTE: The Shine of a Star - Problems at shovel puzzle scene Engine: Wintermute defect new 03/26/17
#9735 SCI: GK1: Jingle when receiving game score points is missing Engine: SCI defect new 04/29/17
#9743 SCI: Phant1: GOG vs. incl. german patch: Hint Skull - Text/No Speech Engine: SCI defect new 04/29/17
#9746 SCI: Shivers: Wood Ixupi theme just wont stop Engine: SCI defect new 04/30/17
#9749 SCI: SQ6: Shuttle Bay Entrance bug Engine: SCI defect new 04/30/17
#9757 SCI: Access uninitialised memory in games with digital sound effects Engine: SCI defect new 05/06/17
#9774 SCI: Mixed-Up Mother Goose CD '92: No MIDI playback Engine: SCI defect new 05/08/17
#9787 SCI: KQ7: Rosella walks through walls Engine: SCI defect new 05/13/17
#9803 SCI: SQ6: Quiet music on loading save game Engine: SCI defect new 05/28/17
#9806 SCI: SQ4 Windows: Stuck when picking up matches Engine: SCI defect new 05/29/17
#9815 SCUMM: Backyard Baseball 2001 crashing Engine: SCUMM defect pending 05/30/17
#9818 SCI: Torin: ASTHENIA path finding issues Engine: SCI defect new 05/30/17
#9825 SCI: KQ1 demo: Incorrect animation speed of characters Engine: SCI defect new 06/02/17
#9829 SQX: The Lost Chapter No sound Engine: AGI defect new 06/04/17
#9833 SCI: DEBUGGER: bp_function logging very limited Engine: SCI defect new 06/10/17
#9834 SCI: DEBUGGER: bpx/bpw/bpr pattern matching limited Engine: SCI defect new 06/10/17
#9835 SCI: DEBUGGER: bpw/bpr not triggered inside kernel calls Engine: SCI defect new 06/10/17
#9861 WME: Oknytt 1.13. Sliders in preferences don't work Engine: Wintermute defect tobiatesan new 06/26/17
#9894 QFG4: Thieves guild secret passage isn't immediately walkable Engine: SCI defect new 07/04/17
#9907 SCI: LB1: Sound effect not playing when discovering corpse Engine: SCI defect new 07/07/17
#9952 SCI: LB2: Can get into the storage room early Engine: SCI defect bluegr new 07/13/17
#9967 OPENGL: FM Towns Zak McKracken shows no graphics in windowed mode --Other-- defect new 07/18/17
#9968 GUI: Selecting fullscreen mode inconsistency GUI defect new 07/18/17
#9991 Wrong colors regression on GameCube Port: GameCube defect new 07/23/17
#10000 SCI: LB1: Notebook rendering "INCOMPLETE" wrong Engine: SCI defect new 07/25/17
#10010 IHNM: Ellen Scenario Anubis problems at end Engine: SAGA defect new 07/29/17
#10012 IHNM: End game area easy to get stuck near beginning Engine: SAGA defect new 07/29/17
#10045 Record / Playback crashes the app --Other-- defect pending 08/02/17
#10066 SCI: LSL7 PL: voice missing, text only english Engine: SCI defect new 08/05/17
#10117 SCUMM: Starting the MM C64 Demo fails if the datafiles are in the same folder as the full MM C64 game. Engine: SCUMM defect new 08/11/17
#10125 SCI: LSL7 PL: Polish typed text not recognized (only english), game freeze Engine: SCI defect new 08/12/17
#10176 displaced pixels in Discworld 2 (Intro) / German Engine: Tinsel defect new 09/03/17
#10183 SCI: QFG1EGA: Baba Yaga's hut sound bug Engine: SCI defect new 09/06/17
#10205 SCI: SCI Quest fan game crashes on start Engine: SCI defect new 09/17/17
#10214 SCI: QFG2: Terrorsaurus label not all on one row Engine: SCI defect new 09/20/17
#10241 SCI: SQ4: Vohaul's taunt to Roger bug Engine: SCI defect new 09/25/17
#10244 SQ4 PC98 : Orange ship not taking off again when leaving super computer Engine: SCI defect m-kiewitz new 09/25/17
#10254 SCI: PQ3: Upcoming turns don't update when speeding Engine: SCI defect new 10/01/17
#10270 SCI: LSL7: Ocean outside portholes jumps Engine: SCI defect new 10/06/17
#10272 Gob: Playtoons 1 demo: Unrecognized game version Engine: Gob defect new 10/07/17
#10286 SDL: GMM and game resolution doesn't scale together for enhanced graphics on small screens GUI defect new 10/10/17
#10297 SCI: QFG1VGA: Wrong instruments play at Erana's Peace Engine: SCI defect new 10/16/17
#10299 BACKENDS: Retropie: SDL Cursor flashes in corner Ports defect digitall pending 10/20/17
#10300 SDL: ScummVM-gui can resize weird when changing graphics and fullscreen toggle Ports defect new 10/20/17
#10304 SCI: QFG3: Night palette no longer loads after Storyteller event Engine: SCI defect new 10/25/17
#10305 TITANIC: Border lines showing for face slot components in Titania close-up Engine: Titanic defect new 10/25/17
#10306 incorrect font in status window. GUI defect digitall pending 10/25/17
#10309 SHERLOCK: MIDI - Broken (in-program) sound driver handling Engine: Sherlock defect new 10/28/17
#10314 iOS: LSL7: Unable to open Xqwsts’ locker on iOS Port: iOS defect new 11/09/17
#10329 FULLPIPE: Pathfinding loop when giving coin to ball eating creature Engine: Fullpipe defect new 11/25/17
#10333 ANDROID: Unable to browse the storage Port: Android defect new 11/25/17
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