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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Modified Game
#9580 SCI: GK2: Bad AV sync in some VMDs new defect normal 26 hours ago Gabriel Knight 2
#9696 SCI: KQ7: Harp in Etheria hangs game new defect high 33 hours ago King's Quest 7
#9693 SCI: Hoyle5 (Hoyle Children's Collection): Disable unavailable games from being selectable in main menu new enhancement normal 8 days ago
#9691 SCI: Hoyle5 (Hoyle Solitaire): Crash when changing volume new defect normal 9 days ago
#9692 SCI: Hoyle5 (Hoyle Children's Collection): Hang when starting Checkers new defect normal 10 days ago
#9690 SCI: PQ4CD: Needs "dual" audio mode selection new enhancement low 10 days ago Police Quest 4
#9689 SCI: PQ4: Endgame is difficult to navigate due to lack of mouse capture new defect normal 10 days ago Police Quest 4
#9687 SCI: MGDX: Missing MIDI playback new defect normal 13 days ago Mixed-Up Mother Goose
#9677 SCI: GK2: Subtitle patch doesn't work new enhancement normal 2 weeks ago Gabriel Knight 2
#9589 SCI: SQ6: Pathfinding failure allows clipping through scenery new defect normal 5 weeks ago Space Quest 6
#9578 SCI: SQ6: Polysorbate LX Street #2 global music volume is wrong new defect normal 4 months ago Space Quest 6
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