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#11101 SQ6-FR: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11103 LSL7: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11104 SHIVERS-FR: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11105 PHANTASMAGORIA-FR: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11106 PHANTASMAGORIA2-FR: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11107 GK1-CD-FR: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11109 COMI-FR: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11114 MOTHERGOOSEHIRES: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11115 MOTHERGOOSEHIRES-ES: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11116 MOTHERGOOSEHIRES-DE: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11117 MOTHERGOOSEHIRES-FR: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11126 SWORD1PSX-ES: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11127 LOL-PC98-JP: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11128 GK2: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11130 KYRA2-FM-JP: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11131 KYRA1-FM-JP: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11132 LAB: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11133 SWORD2PSX: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11139 TRAC: Issues related to trac upgrade to 1.4 defect normal Web
#11141 HDB-WIN: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11144 RAMA-FR: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11145 TORIN-FR: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11150 ROSETATTOO-FR: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11160 WME: Engine doesn't use correct screenmode defect normal Engine: Wintermute
#11176 VERSAILLES-IT: Screenshots patch normal Screenshots
#11180 ZVISION Crash at launch when using DVD version and high video resolution defect normal Engine: ZVision
#11181 ZVISION Audio is clipping defect normal Engine: ZVision
#11182 GUI Dialog for missing Roland MT-32 support enhancement normal Audio: MT32
#11184 MOHAWK: Undetected game (Dr. Seuss Preschool [v2.0]) enhancement normal Engine: Mohawk
#11185 Implement OSystem::isConnectionLimited on Windows enhancement normal Port: Win32
#11187 BASE: Plugins - Must load entire Engine implementation to access the corresponding MetaEngine enhancement normal --Other--
#11198 SCUMM: COMI - Interacting with dog bowl will cause Guybrush to wander into infinity defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#11199 BACKENDS: Switch - Cloud saves feature on Nintendo Switch is not connecting defect normal Ports
#11201 BACKENDS: PSP Vita (3.72) - "add game" (Duckman) freezes scummvm defect normal Port: PSP Vita
#11203 BACKENDS: MacOSX - 32 bit v2.1.0 release crashes on launch on macOS 10.6. defect normal Port: Mac OS X
#11221 Unknown game variant for Sludge enhancement normal Engine: SLUDGE
#11223 Handle surround sound-encoded OGG and FLAC files more gracefully enhancement normal Audio
#11224 BACKENDS: Android - Right Click doesn't work in Beavis & Butthead - Virtual Stupidity defect normal Port: Android
#11225 BACKENDS: Switch - Physical Key Remap for Indy 3 Scorpeg enhancement normal Engine: SCUMM
#11227 SCUMM: Indy3 - Fighting with Keypad keys doesn't work correctly defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#11230 SCI: QFG4 - exported character unable to import to QFG5 defect normal Engine: SCI
#11232 ADL: Mystery House - 1980's official French version enhancement normal Engine: ADL
#11236 ILLUSIONS: Endianness issue in text handling defect normal Engine: Illusions
#11240 CRYO: Misuse of packed structs defect normal Engine: Cryo
#11245 CLOUD: Saves sync triggered twice in a row after saving defect normal Cloud
#11257 CLOUD: Issue with case sensitive filesystems defect normal Cloud
#11265 SCI: SQ4 - audio problem defect normal Engine: SCI
#11267 TOLTECS: Sprite residues left behind on ego walking defect normal Engine: Toltecs
#11286 NEVERHOOD: Is the game running slower than it should? defect normal Engine: Neverhood
#11290 FM-TOWNS: Enable aspect ratio correction enhancement normal Engine: SCUMM
#11295 BLADERUNNER: save games may not work on macOS Catalina defect normal Engine: Bladerunner
#11296 BLADERUNNER: Investigate audio video desynch issues antoniou79 defect normal Engine: Bladerunner
#11305 BACKENDS: MacOSX - Dark Mode is not supported criezy defect normal Port: Mac OS X
#11313 BACKENDS: Android - Cannot access S9's internal memory defect normal Port: Android
#11323 KYRA: Eye of the Beholder Castellano Not Detected enhancement normal Engine: Kyra
#11324 MADE: Return to Zork - ReelMagic / MPEG game variant enhancement normal Engine: MADE
#11329 TOON: No control for movie audio volume defect normal Engine: Toon
#11344 BLADERUNNER: In Act 4 police officers may run to flee waypoints and clip into scenery defect normal Engine: Bladerunner
#11345 BACKENDS: Android - SDL: Not loading from assets directory by default defect normal Port: Android
#11352 BACKENDS: Android - Loss of right click functionality from Galaxy Tab S4 stylus button defect normal Port: Android
#11353 SCI: Hangs on Load of GK2 with subtitles patch on 3DS defect normal Engine: SCI
#11354 SCI: CASTLEBRAIN - Stereo audio flipped in hourglass puzzle defect normal Engine: SCI
#11355 PARALLACTION: Nippon Safes (Amiga/DOS) - intro reset defect normal Engine: Parallaction
#11356 SCI: LSL6 Mac (floppy) menus don't work defect normal Engine: SCI
#11358 BACKENDS: 3DS - Blurry text in KQ6 defect normal Ports
#11360 SCUMM: MI (Sega MegaCD) - scrolling should be smooth (also a special cursor while loading data) defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#11363 Unknown game variant for Toonstruck enhancement normal Engine: Toon
#11365 BACKENDS: PSP Vita - LB2: Missing or corrupt game resources (GOG version) on PS Vita defect normal Port: PSP Vita
#11366 SCUMM: HE: Problem with Savegame Naming on PS Vita and Other Mobile Ports defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#11367 WEB: I18N and punctuation improvements enhancement normal Web
#11369 GNAP: Can't move car defect normal Engine: GNAP
#11374 BACKENDS: MacOSX - sound output does not follow "active output" selected from audio applet defect normal Port: Mac OS X
#11376 BLADERUNNER: freezing on ScummVM Wii 2.1.1 defect normal Port: Wii
#11378 Pixel Perfect: Set via Command Line Starting Scale Factor enhancement normal Graphics
#11379 SCUMM: FT - Implement keymapping for bikefights enhancement normal Engine: SCUMM
#11386 Using SCUMMVM for calculating MD5 enhancement normal Common
#11404 Unknown game variant for Gnap enhancement normal Engine: GNAP
#11405 BACKENDS: RPi 3/4 - PulseAudio hoarse sound on any game defect normal Ports
#11408 Feature Request - xBRZ enhancement normal Graphics: Scalers
#11412 Add a -l/--log command line parameter similiar to -c/--conf enhancement normal Port: Win64
#11414 WEB: Bug Tracker - Can't log out defect normal Web
#11418 SCI: QfG3 - can't use the keyboard for game functions enhancement normal Engine: SCI
#11419 SCI: QfG3 - losing local money with the money exchanger defect normal Engine: SCI
#11420 SCI: QfG3 - Tarna's thief sequence missable defect normal Engine: SCI
#11422 SCI: QfG3 - Bazaar bargain and/or purchase messages not clickable (race condition?) defect normal Engine: SCI
#11423 TOOLS: extract_mm_c64 inverts bits of 00.LFL defect normal Tools
#11425 SCI: QfG3 - Unfinishable state, if you bring a horn to the Laibon without entering first defect normal Engine: SCI
#11426 SCI: QfG3 - Wrongly placed spears on the wall despite hitting the target (Yusufu contest) defect normal Engine: SCI
#11427 BACKENDS: MACOSX - Multiple games crash or have other errors if the user doesn't allow ScummVM access to the Documents folder defect normal Port: Mac OS X
#11428 macOS: Change default savegame location for macOS enhancement normal Port: Mac OS X
#11431 SCI: QfG3 - "Tell about Pool" shouldn't be an option for Salim after the dispel potion defect normal Engine: SCI
#11432 SCI: QFG3 - game skips to second encounter with Manu the monkey if there wasn't a first encounter before the conference defect normal Engine: SCI
#11435 SCI: SQ1 (Macintosh VGA Remake) - broken music defect normal Engine: SCI
#11439 Ultimate Kings Quest 4 with Amiga sounds and Munt Support enhancement normal Audio
#11440 MOHAWK: RIVEN: Autosave no longer tests against game state at time of exit call. defect normal Engine: Mohawk
#11441 Unknown game variant for Lure of the Temptress enhancement normal Engine: Lure
#11445 SCUMM: DotT - George Washington faces Left instead of Forward, after chopping down the Cherry Tree defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#11452 MADE: RTZ Garbled Fonts in Japanese Return to Zork (all platforms) defect normal Engine: MADE
#11458 Unknown game variant for Mohawk (Arthur's Reading Race) enhancement normal Engine: Mohawk
#11461 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 (Amiga) - Catacombs (Act 3) is not dark anymore after loading a save game defect normal Engine: Gob
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