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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#7715 GUI: Improve Mass Add button enhancement normal GUI
#7719 GUI: graphics mode selection enhancement normal GUI
#7720 GUI: default option sev- enhancement normal GUI
#7722 GUI: volume and subtitles speed sliders enhancement normal GUI
#7726 Allow user defined path for screenshots enhancement normal --Other--
#7729 DC: autosave switch/toggle feature enhancement normal Port: Dreamcast
#7732 GUI: disable irrelevant options according to the context enhancement normal GUI
#7739 DW1: Invert subtitle speed slider effect dreammaster enhancement normal Engine: Tinsel
#7746 Teen Agent Czech Language support enhancement normal Engine: TeenAgent
#7754 GP2X-WIZ: D-pad for movement in AGI games djwillis enhancement normal Port: GP2XWiz
#7758 DREAMCAST: Increased icon size/color depth zeldin enhancement normal Port: Dreamcast
#7781 DC: Support for OGG compression? zeldin enhancement normal Port: Dreamcast
#7782 GUI: Game Sortation: Folders / Subfolders enhancement normal GUI
#7783 GUI: Game Sortation: Dividers, Spacers enhancement normal GUI
#7784 GUI: Game Sortation: Alternative to alphabetic? enhancement normal GUI
#7785 GUI: Game Sortation: Icons and Alignment enhancement normal GUI
#7788 KYRA: Duplicate LoL numpad movement keys in WASD etc. enhancement normal Engine: Kyra
#7791 TV-Out option for PSP enhancement normal Port: PSP
#7793 AGI Mouse-behaviour enhancement normal Engine: AGI
#7800 Original KQ5 Win mouse pointer icons enhancement normal Engine: SCI
#7806 TOON: add support for speech/subtitle/both options enhancement normal Engine: Toon
#7810 Teenagent Polish Talkie enhancement normal Engine: TeenAgent
#7811 Windows Vista/7 fullscreen and touchscreen enhancement normal Port: Win32
#7812 Compressing Discworld 2 .MUS Musicfiles enhancement normal Tools
#7813 Dreamcast SD card support enhancement normal Port: Dreamcast
#7815 Allow to specify log location enhancement normal --Other--
#7820 ANDROID PORT: Xperia Play touchpad support enhancement normal Port: Android
#7822 TOOLS: Add support for compressing BS2 PSX sound enhancement normal Tools
#7826 OpenGL doesn't snap to window edges enhancement normal --Other--
#7827 Signed for PSP? enhancement normal Port: PSP
#7828 PS2: Add support for combined keyboard+mouse usb devices enhancement normal Port: PS2
#7829 Mouseclick on release of touchscreen option? enhancement normal --Other--
#7830 Build for CycloDS iEvolution agent-q enhancement normal Port: NDS
#7831 WEBOS: Add autorotate of screen kayahr enhancement normal Port: WebOS
#7833 CONFIGURE: Support new style DWARF2 debug info for i386 assembly enhancement normal --Other--
#7835 Caanoo Image Viewer enhancement normal Port: Caanoo
#7839 Three voice MIDI with AGI games. enhancement normal Engine: AGI
#7840 Add on-the-fly translation support for games enhancement normal --Other--
#7844 Default settings by engine enhancement normal GUI
#7847 TabletPC Wacom Penabled Support enhancement normal Ports
#7848 ScummVM Game list aligning enhancement normal GUI
#7850 Option suggestion: stereo channel swap for MT32 emulation... enhancement normal Audio: MT32
#7853 Add MT-32 emu support to Cruise for a Corpse enhancement normal Engine: Cruise
#7856 WII: Add NTFS support enhancement normal Port: Wii
#7863 Accessibility for Blind Gamers enhancement normal --Other--
#7864 MT-32 Hardware Advanced Track Selection enhancement normal Audio: MT32
#7869 ANDROID: Add Action Intents enhancement normal Port: Android
#7870 Please create an AppData file for ScummVM enhancement normal Port: Linux
#7876 Pause / Break functionality like in the original scumm and SCI executables enhancement normal Engine: SCUMM
#7878 SHERLOCK: Support for Italian Fan Translation of "The Case of the Serrated Scalpel" enhancement normal Engine: Sherlock
#7880 Use Miles Sound System for Humongous SCUMM Games enhancement normal Engine: SCUMM
#7884 Update MAME OPL to actual version. enhancement normal Audio
#7887 COMI: Enable "A pirate I was meant to be" scene in German COMI enhancement normal Engine: SCUMM
#7889 SCUMM: The Dig. Checksum Support for Russian translation (Old-Games.Ru). enhancement normal Engine: SCUMM
#7894 I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream Chinese translation checksums enhancement normal Engine: SAGA
#9058 Using more than one FM_OPL object (experimental) patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#9203 SDL: Avoiding pathological screen updates patch normal --Other--
#9553 SHERLOCK: Cleopatra's Needle graphic glitch defect normal Engine: Sherlock
#9576 SCI: Resource manager should stream audio enhancement normal Engine: SCI
#9579 SCI: Music volume at zero still plays music very softly enhancement normal Engine: SCI
#9580 SCI: GK2: Improve bad AV sync in GK2 VMDs enhancement normal Engine: SCI
#9589 SCI: SQ6: Pathfinding failure allows clipping through scenery defect normal Engine: SCI
#9591 SCUMM: Zak McKracken (FM-Towns) - Intro animation runs faster than intro music defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#9593 SCI: LSL5 (and others): port drawing issues defect normal Engine: SCI
#9596 SHERLOCK: Music / Speech volume is not adjustable defect normal Engine: Sherlock
#9619 SCUMM: PUTTZOO- Kenya Animation Bug Persists defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#9625 TINSEL: DW2 - out of sound reels digitall defect normal Engine: Tinsel
#9629 AGOS: StS - Hebrew version ignores subtitle speed setting defect normal Engine: AGOS
#9646 SCI: QFG1: Running on ice till health points depletion won't kill hero. defect normal Engine: SCI
#9664 BACKENDS: Win64 - Conf parameter still creates files in %appdata% defect normal Port: Win64
#9683 WME: Helga Deep in Trouble - Graphic mistake defect normal Engine: Wintermute
#9705 FULLPIPE: Crash on start (Big Endian) defect normal Engine: Fullpipe
#9710 GOB: LIT - Palette corruption defect normal Engine: Gob
#9720 WME: The Shine of a Star - Problems at shovel puzzle scene defect normal Engine: Wintermute
#9746 SCI: Shivers: Wood Ixupi theme just wont stop defect normal Engine: SCI
#9749 SCI: SQ6: Shuttle Bay Entrance bug defect normal Engine: SCI
#9757 SCI: Access uninitialised memory in games with digital sound effects defect normal Engine: SCI
#9781 SCI: Enable save from ScummVM menu in SCI32 games enhancement normal Engine: SCI
#9787 SCI: KQ7: Rosella walks through walls defect normal Engine: SCI
#9792 SCI: GK1: Add option to disable cursor scaling? enhancement normal Engine: SCI
#9818 SCI: Torin: ASTHENIA path finding issues defect normal Engine: SCI
#9825 SCI: KQ1 demo: Incorrect animation speed of characters defect normal Engine: SCI
#9829 AGI: SQX - The Lost Chapter - No sound defect normal Engine: AGI
#9834 SCI: DEBUGGER: bpx/bpw/bpr pattern matching limited defect normal Engine: SCI
#9839 GUI: Improve handling of 'Filter Graphics' option activation/deactivation. enhancement normal GUI
#9967 SCUMM: Zak McKracken (FM-Towns) shows no graphics in windowed mode (OpenGL/RGB555) defect normal Graphics
#9968 GUI: Selecting fullscreen mode inconsistency defect normal GUI
#10010 SAGA: IHNM (Ellen) - Anubis problems at end defect normal Engine: SAGA
#10012 SAGA: IHNM - End game area easy to get stuck near beginning defect normal Engine: SAGA
#10032 SCI: MGDX: No auto-fallback to GM when MT-32 enabled enhancement normal Engine: SCI
#10066 SCI: LSL7 PL: voice missing, text only english defect normal Engine: SCI
#10117 SCUMM: Starting the MM C64 Demo fails if the datafiles are in the same folder as the full MM C64 game. defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#10134 SCUMMVM: Please add a 'Prompt to Save' feature to games. enhancement normal --Other--
#10176 TINSEL: DW2 (German) - displaced pixels in Intro defect normal Engine: Tinsel
#10183 SCI: QFG1EGA: Baba Yaga's hut sound bug defect normal Engine: SCI
#10197 SCI: Shivers1: Add saving via GMM enhancement normal Engine: SCI
#10254 SCI: PQ3: Upcoming turns don't update when speeding defect normal Engine: SCI
#10270 SCI: LSL7: Ocean outside portholes jumps defect normal Engine: SCI
#10286 BACKENDS: SDL - GMM and game resolution doesn't scale together for enhanced graphics on small screens defect normal GUI
#10300 BACKENDS: SDL: ScummVM-gui can resize weird when changing graphics and fullscreen toggle defect normal Ports
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