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#11886 EMI: Guybrush can get stuck after bumping into the LUA bar waitress defect normal Engine: Grim
#11888 Add a minimize (MIN) key shortcut to the virtual Qwerty keyboard (ABC). enhancement low Port: Symbian
#11889 STARK: No dedicated "listKnowledges" command defect normal Engine: Stark
#11890 STARK: listLocations debug command should print actual location numbers, not file paths defect normal Engine: Stark
#11891 SWORD1: PlayStation version crashes ScummVM defect high Engine: Sword1
#11894 GRIM: OpenGL renderer doesn't honor stretch mode in fullscreen defect normal Engine: Grim
#11895 MYST3: Invisible font on save/load screen/book defect normal Engine: Myst3
#11896 GRIM: Grinder gfx shift to the left when placed back defect normal Engine: Grim
#11897 GRIM: Black window/screen on mode switch using SDL1 defect normal Engine: Grim
#11898 GRIM: "OpenGL with shaders" draws almost all subtitles in the upper left corner defect normal Engine: Grim
#11899 BACKENDS: Symbian - Distorted voices and intros (any scene) in Discworld II defect normal Port: Symbian
#11900 Add more Graphics modes. enhancement normal Port: Symbian
#11901 Add the support to control the volume directly from the device. enhancement normal Port: Symbian
#11902 Display the letters on the virtual keyboard according to the orientation of the phone. enhancement normal Port: Symbian
#11903 BACKENDS: Symbian - Error when using the dedicated key to load game quickly. defect normal Port: Symbian
#11905 BACKENDS: Symbian - Different sizes of ScummVM Main Menu. defect normal Port: Symbian
#11906 BACKENDS: Symbian - Screen orientation error in ScummVM when activating automatic phone rotation. defect normal Port: Symbian
#11907 BACKENDS: Dreamcast - forced autosave make games crash defect normal Port: Dreamcast
#11908 GRIM: movie01.lab and movie03.lab may be corrupted defect low Engine: Grim
#11910 BACKENDS: Symbian - The numeric keypad gets stuck. defect high Port: Symbian
#11911 BACKENDS: Symbian - Auto save error. defect high Port: Symbian
#11913 Include the Rime Age from the PSP port of Myst enhancement normal Engine: Mohawk
#11914 STARK: The Longest Journey - czech 4cd release not detected enhancement normal Engine: Stark
#11917 TEENAGENT: French Translation Support Patch enhancement normal Engine: TeenAgent
#11918 Unknown game variant for Gob enhancement normal Engine: Gob
#11919 TTS/screenreader support defect normal --Other--
#11920 GRIM: Characters disappear under the sea defect normal Engine: Grim
#11923 AGI Splatter patterns appear to be incorrect defect normal Engine: AGI
#11925 Unknown game variant for agi enhancement normal Engine: AGI
#11927 Unknown game variant for mohawk enhancement normal Engine: Mohawk
#11931 MYST3: Quiet sound in a room with a projector in J'nanin defect normal Engine: Myst3
#11932 Android TV support enhancement normal Port: Android
#11933 Unknown game variant for Sherlock Holmes: Case of the Rose Tattoo (Simplified Chinese) enhancement normal Engine: Sherlock
#11934 Unknown game variant for Kyrandia: Book 3 - Malcolm's Revenge (Simplified Chinese) enhancement normal Engine: Kyra
#11935 Unknown game variant for Kyrandia: Book 3 - Malcolm's Revenge (Traditional Chinese) enhancement normal Engine: Kyra
#11936 Unknown game variant for Kyrandia: Hand of Fate (Traditional Chinese) enhancement normal Engine: Kyra
#11937 Unknown game variant for The Legend of Kyrandia (Traditional Chinese) enhancement normal Engine: Kyra
#11938 Add support for Simplified Chinese subtitle displaying in Blade Runner. enhancement normal Engine: Bladerunner
#11940 Add both Traditional and Simplified Chinese support for Escape From Monkey Island. enhancement normal Engine: Grim
#11941 Add Traditional Chinese support for Beneath a Steel Sky. enhancement normal Engine: Sky
#11947 SCUMM: SMUSH text rendering differences with Korean COMI enhancement normal Engine: SCUMM
#11949 Ultima IV has Missing/incorrect graphics in the main menu defect normal Engine: Ultima
#11950 MYST3: Unknown variant defect normal Engine: Myst3
#11952 MYST3: Unknown DVD Variant defect normal Engine: Myst3
#11953 SCUMM: DOTT-DE: Gamespeed too fast defect normal Port: Mac OS X
#11955 Ultima 8: falling down is not happening defect normal Engine: Ultima
#11957 Eye of the Beholder - Add Amiga Ending to DOS version enhancement normal Engine: Kyra
#11961 BACKENDS: OPENGLSDL: No title bar on ScummVM window when switching out of fullscreen defect normal Graphics
#11965 Unknown game variant for stark enhancement normal Engine: Stark
#11971 SCUMM: MANIAC/ZAK C64: GUI & dialog text are incorrectly positioned on screen, and cursor is improperly layered defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#11972 TINSEL: immediate SIGBUS on strict-alignment architectures defect normal Engine: Tinsel
#11973 SCUMM: Implement original pause bars, and put Save/Load GUI type toggle in startup menu defect high Engine: SCUMM
#11980 GLK engine does not support Russian keyboard layout defect high Engine: GLK: ZCode
#11981 TWINE: Manual mode for agressive behaviour doesn't work as expected defect normal Engine: TwinE
#11984 Unknown game variant for agi enhancement normal Engine: AGI
#11985 PETKA: ScummVM doesn't identify the retail 3 CD version of Red Comrades 1 defect blocker Engine: Petka
#11986 XEEN: Chinese version support defect normal Engine: Xeen
#11987 SAGA: IHNM: Korean language support defect normal Engine: SAGA
#11988 SHERLOCK: Chinese language support defect normal Engine: Sherlock
#11989 TWINE: Adeline software jingle keeps looping through the startup screens defect normal Engine: TwinE
#11991 TWINE: Music volume control shouldn't affect CD audio volume enhancement normal Engine: TwinE
#11992 ZVISION: Korean Nemesis Yes/No prompts defect normal Engine: ZVision
#11993 KYRA: Updates to KYRA.DAT file for Chinese & Korean releases defect normal Engine: Kyra
#11994 Mixed Up Mother Goose AGI Amiga - Unknown game variant for agi enhancement normal Engine: AGI
#11996 AGI: KQ3: Staircase issues with Rosella defect normal Engine: AGI
#11997 Remove code protection? enhancement normal Engine: Cine
#11998 AGOS: Elvira 2 - Inventory bug defect normal Engine: AGOS
#11999 GOB: GOB 3 CD ITA - Werewolf Blount Stuck on the Chair... it's not anymore selectable or movable. Please fix.. i'm completely stuck. defect normal Engine: Gob
#12006 BACKENDS: RASPBERRYPI: "sudo make install" crashes defect normal Port: Linux
#12007 SWORD2DEMO: Missing songs in Spanish Windows demo? defect low Engine: Sword2
#12008 SWORDDEMO: Missing Demo subtitles enhancement low Engine: Sword1
#12010 SCUMM: MI: Secret of Monkey Island giving items that Guybrush does not carry causes weird behavior defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#12011 BACKENDS: ANDROID: Tony Tough - cannot bring up the action wheel on Android defect high Port: Android
#12014 next clickable aera enhancement normal --Unset--
#12015 GUI: "Game 3D Renderer" text partially replaced with ellipsis in ScummVM Classic Theme defect normal --Other--
#12017 Unknown game variant for agos enhancement high Engine: AGOS
#12019 ULTIMA8: Bentic talks to himself during conversation defect normal Engine: Ultima
#12021 SCI: KQ4 Rosella gets stuck entering doors defect normal Engine: SCI
#12023 Web Wiki: remove "out of scope" statements defect normal Web
#12026 SCUMM: Autosave no longer works defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#12027 MOHAWK: Custom engine options no longer shown for Myst and Riven defect normal Engine: Mohawk
#12029 SCUMM: COMI: Rottingham ship in the first cutscene of Part 3 goes the wrong direction defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#12030 SCUMM: FT: softlock when fast-exiting room before scripted cutscene defect high Engine: SCUMM
#12032 BACKENDS: SDL: cursor drifting for game controller defect normal --Unset--
#12033 Unknown game variant for gob - Gobliins2 Amiga PL enhancement normal Engine: Gob
#12034 SCI: LSL1: French fan patch version not detected defect normal Engine: SCI
#12039 SCUMM: MM (C64) - Graphical glitch with alien in telescope defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#12040 Unknown game variant for queen enhancement normal Engine: Queen
#12041 GUI: EDIT GAME DIALOG: Selecting <default> for the Graphics Stretch Mode doesn’t revert to default setting. defect normal GUI
#12042 Unknown game variant for agos: Simon the Sorcerer 2 (French / Steam Legacy Edition / Full) enhancement normal Engine: AGOS
#12043 Unknown game variant for agos: Simon the Sorcerer 2 (English / Steam Legacy Edition / Full) enhancement normal Engine: AGOS
#12044 Impossible to show the map in the GOG Polish version of Myst defect high Engine: Mohawk
#12045 SCUMM: FT: seg fault in the imuse_digi submodule when a game action is attempted. defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#12051 ZVISION: ZGI DVD Crashes When MPEG Video Selected defect normal Engine: ZVision
#12053 setup documentation for monkey island 4 is not sufficient enhancement normal Documentation
#12055 BACKENDS: SDL - strange code in sdl-events.cpp defect normal Graphics
#12059 Grim Fandango always overrides savegame path defect low Engine: Grim
#12071 KQ4 SCI version 1.000.111 - MT-32 plays back some improper instruments defect normal Audio: MT32
#12074 TWINE: holomap feature is incomplete/missing defect normal Engine: TwinE
#12076 PETKA: Missing actions animations defect normal Engine: Petka
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