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#50 Unbalanced crosshair cursor SF/strigeus defect normal --Other--
#2498 compile error fingolfin defect normal --Other--
#5706 Compiler warning in commandLine.cpp fingolfin defect normal --Other--
#6883 Scummvm can get confused by cd audio if there is a cd inserted when trying to run a game sev- defect normal --Other--
#7144 GCC warning: multi-character character constant sev- defect normal --Other--
#7257 play game from zip file fingolfin enhancement normal --Other--
#7266 ISO file loading SF/ender enhancement low --Other--
#7288 Links to resource files. enhancement normal --Other--
#7302 ScummVM should save paths as relative fingolfin enhancement low --Other--
#7332 Reset parameters to their defaults on command line fingolfin enhancement normal --Other--
#7341 Disable saving/loading in certain scenes Kirben enhancement normal --Other--
#7358 advanced specify of files location for ScummVM SF/ender enhancement normal --Other--
#7364 Mouse Speed fingolfin enhancement low --Other--
#7377 Fallout in the ScummVM Kirben enhancement normal --Other--
#7382 sound export SF/ender enhancement normal --Other--
#7390 support for rebel assault enhancement normal --Other--
#7394 Game Creation Utility enhancement normal --Other--
#7404 more_languages Kirben enhancement low --Other--
#7406 Support for GRAC fingolfin enhancement normal --Other--
#7415 data compression support enhancement normal --Other--
#7423 Auto-package Release enhancement normal --Other--
#7425 Swapping Between Games enhancement normal --Other--
#7428 Games Suggestions... fingolfin enhancement normal --Other--
#7433 Sound Record Feature fingolfin enhancement normal --Other--
#7436 Darkseed Series support enhancement normal --Other--
#7445 Pack daily snapshot into zip archive Kirben enhancement normal --Other--
#7460 Common Savegame Extension Kirben enhancement normal --Other--
#7482 Extrapath and sub folders Kirben enhancement normal --Other--
#7540 MD5/Bug reporting Kirben enhancement normal --Other--
#7592 Voice Acting Aditions enhancement normal --Other--
#7593 missing game file: inappropriate error message sev- enhancement normal --Other--
#7629 Synchronisation of Save Files Between Devices sev- enhancement normal --Other--
#7696 Hollywood Monsters fingolfin enhancement normal --Other--
#7728 Past subtitle log menu bonki enhancement normal --Other--
#7737 Installer sev- enhancement normal --Other--
#7765 7 dni a 7 noci adventure game request enhancement normal --Other--
#7766 Add support POLDA game fingolfin enhancement normal --Other--
#7767 Please support Chopper Commando 2 fingolfin enhancement normal --Other--
#7770 Support of Star Wars: Rebel Assault II fingolfin enhancement normal --Other--
#7808 SMB / Samba Support fingolfin enhancement normal --Other--
#7821 [GUI] Rules for savegame paths sev- enhancement low --Other--
#7841 Cloud storage saves enhancement normal --Other--
#7906 Pause patch normal --Other--
#7957 Timidity Patch for new MidiDriver SF/ender patch normal --Other--
#8245 ALL: "read_only" flag for the config file eriktorbjorn patch normal --Other--
#8399 Look in alternate locations for config file fingolfin patch normal --Other--
#8453 scummvm stl port. :) fingolfin patch normal --Other--
#8528 Possible workaround for checking the directories fingolfin patch normal --Other--
#8541 config file read_only keyword support fingolfin patch normal --Other--
#8572 scanf for Common::File fingolfin patch normal --Other--
#8647 Game title translation sev- patch normal --Other--
#8909 Little Big Adventure Support fingolfin patch normal --Other--
#9002 GSOC09: Unused variable warnings fingolfin patch normal --Other--
#9278 Reverse Iterator fingolfin patch normal --Other--
#9649 Support for Prisoner of Ice by Infogrames csnover enhancement normal --Other--
#9661 Insert ScummVM in Arc Browser Frontend csnover enhancement normal --Other--
#9865 performance related csnover enhancement normal --Other--
#10204 Feature Request: Texture Replacement (Texture Dumping and Loading), HD Mod Support csnover enhancement high --Other--
#10446 COMMON: Allow Save/Load functions when interrupting action sequences. sev- enhancement normal --Other--
#10806 Support for Archibald Applebrook's Adventure digitall enhancement low --Other--
#12058 Piposh 1 - hebrew digitall enhancement normal --Other--
#11246 Don't include build date in program sev- defect normal --Unset--
#11346 Dune II the building of Dinasty digitall defect normal --Unset--
#11511 [Documentation] Please update the status of the Ultima games, in regards to scummvm supporting any of it sev- defect normal --Unset--
#11776 Add gnu profiler support to night builds sev- enhancement normal --Unset--
#1125 ALL: Adlib default is broken SF/khalek defect normal Audio
#7286 OSystem sound fingolfin enhancement normal Audio
#7309 OGG: Fix for codebook waste fingolfin enhancement low Audio
#7908 adl sound dump files patch patch normal Audio
#8694 Minor tweak to rate.cpp fingolfin patch normal Audio
#11468 AUDIO: Enhanced Soundtracks Selectable as Music Device trembyle enhancement normal Audio
#7282 exact MT-32 emulation fingolfin enhancement normal Audio: MT32
#8277 MT-32 pitchbend range patch SF/jamieson630 patch normal Audio: MT32
#10882 Custom Textures / Tiles digitall enhancement normal Common
#7339 Cleanup of folder hierarchy fingolfin enhancement normal Documentation
#8431 Readme.txt in HTML format fingolfin patch normal Documentation
#2958 KQ2 English MD5 sev- defect normal Engine: AGI
#3196 SQ1: Double arrows on keypad input screen bluegr defect normal Engine: AGI
#3562 AGI: 2 Player Demo: Can not use the mouse sev- defect normal Engine: AGI
#4065 goldrush: detected as agi-fanmade defect normal Engine: AGI
#4702 Unlisted MD5 Checksum for Gold Rush! sev- defect normal Engine: AGI
#5520 AGI FAN Bob the Farmboy: Background Priority problem bluegr defect normal Engine: AGI
#5521 AGI FAN Bob the Farmboy: Erroneous cumulation of score bluegr defect normal Engine: AGI
#5522 AGI FAN Bob the Farmboy: Endless loop in outhouse bluegr defect normal Engine: AGI
#5526 AGI FAN: Beyond the Titanic 2 - Priority Problem bluegr defect normal Engine: AGI
#7435 old Sierra Games (AGI & SCI) enhancement normal Engine: AGI
#8648 AGI: Remove Need for GF_AGIPAL flag sev- patch normal Engine: AGI
#9606 Kickstart 1.3 Topaz font for Amiga Sierra AGI Games m-kiewitz enhancement normal Engine: AGI
#10738 AGI: Fan Games (Demos) shut down ScummVM raziel- defect normal Engine: AGI
#11652 AGI: Unknown game variant for AGI preAGI + v2 + v3 sev- enhancement normal Engine: AGI
#692 simon2: bottom is not shown properly fingolfin defect normal Engine: AGOS
#1318 SIMON2WIN: No shadow subtitles in one sequence Kirben defect low Engine: AGOS
#2197 SIMON2: obscure crash Kirben defect normal Engine: AGOS
#2867 SIMON1: Crash at witch house Kirben defect normal Engine: AGOS
#2891 SIMON1TALKIE: Unknown MD5 Kirben defect normal Engine: AGOS
#3378 SIMON2: MD5s for Macintosh version Kirben defect normal Engine: AGOS
#3381 FF: Subtitles for looking at inventory out of screen Kirben defect normal Engine: AGOS
#3508 Elvira 1, DOS, Spanish Fan Made Translation - MD5 Checksums Kirben defect normal Engine: AGOS
#3940 FF: Problem reactivating background sound Kirben defect normal Engine: AGOS
#4328 WinCE: Simon1: Scene outfading very slow on VGA device SF/knakos defect normal Engine: AGOS
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