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#9532 SAGA: IHNM checksums - German fan translation sev- patch normal Engine: SAGA 3 years ago
#9621 1.9.0 android can't add games for non-rooted android systems dafioram defect normal Port: Android 2 years ago
#9622 Android functionality problems dafioram defect normal Port: Android 2 years ago
#9623 Mouse capture causes cursor to jump erratically rootfather defect normal GUI 2 years ago
#9823 SCI: KQ7: Mysterious Device doesn't charge, initially dafioram defect normal Engine: SCI 22 months ago
#9863 Beavis and butthead video problems digitall defect normal Engine: BBVS 21 months ago
#9883 TITANIC: Voice too quiet when parrot eating pistachios dreammaster defect normal Engine: Titanic 21 months ago
#10120 TITANIC: Doorbot appears in-front of parrot room dreammaster defect normal Engine: Titanic 20 months ago
#10133 MOHAWK: Riven: Please add a 'Prompt to Save' feature to the game. macca8 enhancement normal Engine: Mohawk 19 months ago
#10339 SCI: MGDX: Horse clips through fountain in Banbury Cross cutscene bluegr defect normal Engine: SCI 16 months ago
#10385 Language SPANISH, not English: Tony Tough dreammaster enhancement normal Engine: Tony 15 months ago
#10386 Spanish Return to ringworld dreammaster enhancement normal Engine: TsAGE 15 months ago
#10387 English detected: Rex Nebular dreammaster enhancement normal Engine: MADS 15 months ago
#10431 SCI: Shivers: Access Violation rendering picture under RetroPie dafioram defect normal Engine: SCI 13 months ago
#10612 WEB: Remove check boxes from homepage in Chrome dafioram defect normal Web 9 months ago
#10623 RIVEN: Missing page and other issue bgK defect normal Engine: Mohawk 8 months ago
#10673 Build: DWP fails when compiling bladerunner dafioram defect normal Engine: Bladerunner 7 months ago
#282 DOTT: Overlaping music SF/ender defect low Engine: SCUMM 17 years ago
#367 ALL: Enter key in save dialog fingolfin defect low GUI 17 years ago
#673 ALL: Bad -e Windows Midi emulation SF/jamieson630 defect low Port: Win32 16 years ago
#980 MM: Ed walks in place during cutscene defect low Engine: SCUMM 16 years ago
#981 MM: Dr. Fred walks through a bed fingolfin defect low Engine: SCUMM 16 years ago
#1771 DIG: Two "that doesn't work" sounds play fingolfin defect low Engine: SCUMM 15 years ago
#2229 MI2 FM-TOWNS: No music in cutscenes after new mappiece athrxx defect low Engine: SCUMM 13 years ago
#3619 WINCE: Orientation detection wrong in ScummVM 0.11.0 SF/knakos defect low Port: WinCE 11 years ago
#3710 M4: compilation error sev- defect low Engine: M4 11 years ago
#4299 SCI: KQ5 Labyrinth flickers defect low Engine: SCI 10 years ago
#7373 SCALERS: Old monitor rendering csnover enhancement low Graphics: Scalers 15 years ago
#8611 Support for a 32 bit _hwscreen in the SDL backend DrMcCoy patch low Ports 12 years ago
#10315 MOHAWK: Myst: Videos have horizontal color strip at bottom dafioram defect low Engine: Mohawk 17 months ago
#10591 MOHAWK: MYST: Held page shows up in new game dafioram defect low Engine: Mohawk 9 months ago
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