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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#6554 FREDDI4 Impossible to complete Kirben defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#6583 SIMON1: game breaking, can't pick up matchstick Kirben defect normal Engine: AGOS
#6616 spelling-error-in-binary wjp defect normal --Other--
#6623 SYMBIAN: Warning "'noreturn' function does return" in error lordhoto defect normal Port: Symbian
#6634 WME: Vsevolod (DEMO) - Font too big(?) somaen defect normal Engine: Wintermute
#6656 SCUMM: LOOM VGA - After dragon, can not cast EMPTY draft on pool defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#6682 GUI: Builtin Theme: Failed to load localized font lordhoto defect normal GUI
#6689 SWORD1: Unable to examine and notice toilet brush used by kebab seller defect normal Engine: Sword1
#6696 Can't open onscreen keyboard on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 digitall defect low Port: Android
#6718 SCI: LSL6 Polish - Engine aborts with error when "Settings" button used bluegr defect normal Engine: SCI
#6726 SCI: KQ5 - Missing music during Sledding and Wolves bluegr defect normal Engine: SCI
#6746 ANDROID: Crashes after progress bar on Android L 5.0 Nexus 9 fuzzie defect normal Port: Android
#6749 A situation where Ellen can not progress eriktorbjorn defect high Engine: SAGA
#6756 SAGA: IHNM - Incorrect song playing on startup sev- defect low Engine: SAGA
#6778 Game crash: Full Throttle on ScummVM 1.7.0 for MorphOS DrMcCoy defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#6805 SWORD25: no video in BS2.5 criezy defect normal Engine: Sword25
#6811 BACKENDS: Android - kyra.dat error on loading EOB sev- defect normal Port: Android
#6815 spanish Fonts dreammaster defect low Engine: Tony
#6832 Rex Nebular Underwater Crab Cave - Crabs Disappear dreammaster defect normal Engine: MADS
#6837 MADS: Rex Nebular Stack Smashing Detected dreammaster defect normal Engine: MADS
#6843 Can´t compile ZVision Engine (Freetype2 not found) bluegr defect normal Engine: ZVision
#6844 Rex game problems Mainb, Ingame Menus dreammaster defect normal Engine: MADS
#6845 Rex game Engine options disappear dreammaster defect normal Engine: MADS
#6846 Rex game wont start in Main Menu dreammaster defect normal Engine: MADS
#6852 Android: Keybord it's not working and not showing up.. csnover defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#6854 FULL THROTTLE: wrong behaviour of the bike fight dafioram defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#6855 SCUMM: FT - music stops AndywinXp defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#6865 FT crashes during fight with Ripburger atop truck. bluegr defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#6877 GUI: Taskbar visible inside ScummVM [Win10 Build 10130] Kirben defect normal Port: Win32
#6881 SCI: KQ5: Game crashes during ending sequence m-kiewitz defect normal Engine: SCI
#6916 Power Goes Out Sponteaneously eriktorbjorn defect low Engine: SCUMM
#6952 Lost in Time missing in gamelist DrMcCoy defect normal Engine: Gob
#6960 GOB3 - Impossible to Read page of Magic Book for make "Potion of wings" DrMcCoy defect normal Engine: Gob
#7004 No points awaded for playing the first poker game m-kiewitz defect normal Engine: SCI
#7074 Error while reading PNG image! defect normal Engine: Sword25
#7080 DREAMWEB: Not tolerating filtered sound files. lordhoto defect normal Engine: Dreamweb
#7082 Crash on intro sequence with USB MIDI device (SC-55) csnover defect normal Engine: Sherlock
#7114 OPENGL: Errors when moving program to background on Win32 csnover defect normal Port: Win32
#7131 DISCWORLD: Cant get the fool's cap dreammaster defect normal Engine: Tinsel
#7135 Speicherort unter ScummVM für Windows 10 mobile lässt sich nicht ändern sev- defect normal Ports
#7142 SCUMM: Backyard Basketball Season Play sev- defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#7149 Scummvm on rasbperry stuck on "Loading theme builtin" dafioram defect normal Ports
#7151 Discworld cd stopped working with current android version bgK defect normal Engine: Tinsel
#7156 SCI: Quest For Glory 4, autosave crash (kCheckFreeSpace) csnover defect normal Engine: SCI
#7160 ANDROID: COMI speech doesn't work after 1.6 to 1.8 upgrade sev- defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#7161 error compile on ubuntu xenial wjp defect normal Port: Linux
#7174 ZGI: "Old Scratch" scratcher ticket not working sev- defect normal Engine: ZVision
#7276 Full Throttle Fix enhancement normal Engine: SCUMM
#7291 Indiana Jones 4 german text - english voice?! SF/khalek enhancement normal Engine: SCUMM
#7297 Modularization fingolfin enhancement normal --Other--
#7348 download cutscenes broken sword fingolfin enhancement normal Web
#7368 graphical engine able to antialias the sprites SF/ender enhancement normal Graphics: Scalers
#7386 WINCE/BASS: Support PocketPC with screen protector SF/arisme enhancement normal Port: WinCE
#7432 Add support for CDTV versions enhancement normal --Other--
#7500 WINCE: Default orange keyboard SF/knakos enhancement normal Port: WinCE
#7508 WINCE: Much slower than version 0.8 SF/knakos enhancement normal Port: WinCE
#7514 ALL: save compatibility between ports would be nice fingolfin enhancement normal --Other--
#7534 Gobliiins - Change game description DrMcCoy enhancement normal Engine: Gob
#7536 Make speech files optional Kirben enhancement normal Engine: SCUMM
#7550 sound amplifier sev- enhancement normal Port: Symbian
#7598 The Neverhood enhancement normal Engine: Neverhood
#7632 NDS: Different zoom settings agent-q enhancement normal Port: NDS
#7638 Support for another series Kirben enhancement normal --Other--
#7682 KYRA3: Add support for English/CD/DOS/Windows lordhoto enhancement normal Engine: Kyra
#7691 SCI: Colonel's Bequest Amiga Floppy Version SF/mthreepwood enhancement normal Engine: SCI
#7703 WII: SCI Support sev- enhancement low Port: Wii
#7710 Simon the Sorcerer's Puzzle Pack enhancement normal Engine: AGOS
#7711 big red adventure enhancement normal Engine: Parallaction
#7713 DW2: Please insert CD 2 dreammaster enhancement normal Engine: Tinsel
#7750 ScummVM for PSP! enhancement normal Port: PSP
#7756 Legend Entertainment Adventures enhancement normal --Other--
#7786 Lemmings possible? enhancement normal --Other--
#7787 11th Hour enhancement normal Engine: Groovie
#7799 Original KQ6 Win Icons bluegr enhancement normal Engine: SCI
#7802 DC: Mohawk Engine Support zeldin enhancement normal Port: Dreamcast
#7814 kq7 support enhancement normal Engine: SCI
#7824 Little Big Adventure on ScummVM enhancement normal --Other--
#7825 Phantasmagoria horror-adventure game enhancement normal Engine: SCI
#7832 LOL: version lordhoto enhancement normal Engine: Kyra
#7845 Legend of Djel DrMcCoy enhancement normal --Other--
#7849 Star trek support enhancement normal Engine: Startrek
#7857 Game Suggestion [Eagle Eye Mysteries in London] enhancement normal --Other--
#7868 NEVERHOOD closes after pressing "ESC" key enhancement normal Engine: Neverhood
#7891 REWORK ASPECT RATIO correction (like DOSBOX) csnover enhancement high Engine: SCUMM
#7955 adlib music in non interactive samdemo SF/ender patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#8438 small fix for findObjectInRoom fingolfin patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#8568 WINCE: new interface SF/knakos patch normal Port: WinCE
#8930 GUI: Don't Reset File Directories SF/tanoku patch normal GUI
#8946 GC/WII: Corrects squashing on non-interlaved res. dhewg patch normal Port: Wii
#9034 Simon the Sorcerer Puzzle Pack fingolfin patch normal Engine: AGOS
#9035 big red adventure fingolfin patch normal Engine: Parallaction
#9047 SCI: kgraphics fix for QfG3 bluegr patch normal Engine: SCI
#9172 SDL backend: Map keypad period and divide patch normal Ports
#9249 ANDROID: Alternative Touchscreen Mouse anguslees patch normal Port: Android
#9275 WEB Wiki: Compiling ScummVM/MinGW updated Kirben patch normal Web
#9310 SCI: QFG2: Patch for script bug read sign in Raseir bluegr patch normal Engine: SCI
#9461 Console application in MinGW Kirben patch normal Port: Win32
#9549 SCUMM: Game looking for DAT rather than DXA sev- defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#9551 SDL2/WIN10: Segfault after locking/unlocking the computer rootfather defect normal Ports
#9565 MOHAWK: Flies are not displayed in Forest Island and Map Island bgK defect normal Engine: Mohawk
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