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#10561 SCUMM: Indiana Jones 3 (FM-Towns) disorted playback in Venice bonki defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#10622 PEGASUS: Pegasus Prime error/unknown version enhancement normal Engine: Pegasus
#10677 SCI: SQ3 DOS MD5 digitall defect normal Engine: SCI
#10762 QFG4: Screenshots within savegames obscured by control panels bluegr defect normal Engine: SCI
#10776 QFG4: Resting in Nikolai's house results in consecutive moonrises Vhati defect low Engine: SCI
#10859 QFG4 room entry causes rightmost pixel line rendering error Vhati defect normal Engine: SCI
#10902 KYRA2: Add support for Polish floppy version bonki enhancement normal Engine: Kyra
#10949 MOHAWK: Just Grandma and Me - only English starts, German and French doesn't defect normal Engine: Mohawk
#10988 Blade Runner lockup when entering Eisenduller Gravity Room antoniou79 defect blocker Engine: Bladerunner
#10998 Freddi Fish 1: handle on grandma's door remains there when the door opens BenCastricum defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#11023 QFG4: Colorful glitch when going left from town sluicebox defect low Engine: SCI
#11045 QFG4: castle doors don't seem to get oiled defect low Engine: SCI
#11165 SCI: Hoyle 5 - Uninitialized read bluegr defect normal Engine: SCI
#11213 QFG3 saving crash - Assertion `isValidRect()' failed. sluicebox defect blocker Engine: SCI
#11311 Not getting some sound effects with General MIDI (but it's working in DosBOX) ZvikaZ defect normal Engine: SCI
#11325 LAUNCHER: EventRecorder crashes app sev- defect normal --Other--
#11328 Queen: Bellboy talk bug hotel lobby criezy defect normal Engine: Queen
#11388 Humungous Macintosh Demos from ScummVM demo page crash on startup Thunderforge defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#11392 Zork Grand Inquisitor DVD crashes on launch defect high Engine: ZVision
#11442 Graphics: Game crashes after switching windows in full screen mode dreammaster defect normal Graphics
#11446 scummvm-2.1.1-win32 and scummvm-2.1.2-win32 no longer work in Windows XP 32 bit SupSuper defect normal Port: Win32
#11456 Crash on adding Simon The Sorcerer's Puzzle Pack - Demon In My Pocket criezy defect normal --Unset--
#11498 King's Quest I (SCI) hangs indefinitely after playing the fiddle in the leprechaun cave sluicebox defect normal Engine: SCI
#11510 Phantasmagoria 2 crashes sluicebox defect normal Engine: SCI
#11582 Blazing Dragons unknown game variant TimEMaki defect normal --Unset--
#11639 SCI: SQ6: Shuttlebay entrance walk bug sluicebox defect normal Engine: SCI
#11672 ILLUSIONS: Duckman - Subtitles displayed too fast raziel- defect normal Engine: Illusions
#11685 scummvm.exe -v don't give output criezy defect low Common
#11921 Zak McKracken Plane Scene Time elapses too fast to solve tasks bluegr defect blocker Engine: SCUMM
#11983 Logout link in Trac bugtracker doesn't work vvs- defect normal Web
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