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#10652 Errors new defect normal --Other--
#10719 Save game at any point (ex. in dialogue menu) new enhancement normal Engine: Sword1
#10720 Option to save games at any point new enhancement normal GUI
#10794 Strip and other dat files from zip cause they are already inside win32 exe new enhancement normal Port: Win32
#10886 Add massive configurations list removing / purge option new enhancement normal GUI
#10887 AGI: FANMADE: Biri Quest exits at startup new defect normal Engine: AGI
#10888 DIRECTOR: Lost Eden not identified new defect normal Engine: Director
#10889 SCI: FANGAME: Betrayed Alliance Not Identified new defect normal Engine: SCI
#10890 DIRECTOR: Journeyman Project not recognized new defect normal Engine: Director
#10892 SAGA: IHNM: Too fast character movement/animations pending digitall defect normal Engine: SAGA
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