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#11185 Implement OSystem::isConnectionLimited on Windows new enhancement normal Port: Win32
#11187 BASE: Plugins - Must load entire Engine implementation to access the corresponding MetaEngine new enhancement normal --Other--
#11221 Unknown game variant for Sludge new enhancement normal Engine: SLUDGE
#11281 Expose Humongous ini settings in game options new enhancement low Engine: SCUMM
#11379 SCUMM: FT - Implement keymapping for bikefights new enhancement normal Engine: SCUMM
#11354 SCI: CASTLEBRAIN - Stereo audio flipped in hourglass puzzle new defect normal Engine: SCI
#11496 VOYEUR: lock screen doesn't show last play time new defect normal Engine: Voyeur
#11550 TTS Language is wrong for unsupported game warning new defect low --Unset--
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