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#4594 ZAK: Zak keeps walk animation without moving new anonymous defect normal
#4601 ZAK FM-TOWNS: shopkeeper keeps walking new anonymous defect normal
#4719 SCUMM: MI2 Dancing Skeletons cause Game Loop new anonymous defect normal
#5884 SCUMM: Blue's Clues Art Time Glitches new anonymous defect normal
#6143 AGOS: Simon 1 - Random Screen Fade Glitch new anonymous defect normal
#6329 GOB3: Spectacles hotspot active after taking spectacles new anonymous defect normal
#6330 GOB3: Incorrect Name of Coin in Chessboard new anonymous defect normal
#6331 GOB3: Moving figure onto occupied square on the chessboard new anonymous defect normal
#7762 OPL: Real OPL support for AdLib audio new anonymous enhancement low
#7812 Compressing Discworld 2 .MUS Musicfiles new anonymous enhancement normal
#7856 WII: Add NTFS support new anonymous enhancement normal
#6008 DC: FT/Dig - Crash when subtitles are enabled new anonymous zeldin defect normal
#5855 MADE: Unknown Version of "The Manhole" new anonymous johndoe123 defect normal
#4872 SYMBIAN: TUCKER: game quits after a minute of play new anonymous anotherguest defect normal
#7830 Build for CycloDS iEvolution new anonymous agent-q enhancement normal
#5760 GOB3: Cannot move Blount in the Brain level new anonymous DrMcCoy defect normal
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