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#7583 KYRA1: Add support for Korean/DOS version new enhancement Engine: Kyra 13 years ago
#7645 Hi res vector graphics mixed with scaled bitmaps? new enhancement Graphics 12 years ago
#7646 Scalers cleanup new enhancement Graphics: Scalers 12 years ago
#7647 KYRA3: add subtitles in VQA videos new enhancement Engine: Kyra 12 years ago
#7762 OPL: Real OPL support for AdLib audio new enhancement Audio 11 years ago
#7773 KYRA1: Add support for Czech fan tranlsation new enhancement Engine: Kyra 10 years ago
#7818 LOL: Support subtitles in "Lore of the Lands" new enhancement Engine: Kyra 9 years ago
#9726 AGI IIgs: inventory/see object screen new enhancement Engine: AGI 4 years ago
#9866 PRINCE: Original game keyboard shortcuts not working (F1-F5) new enhancement Engine: Prince 3 years ago
#9872 BASS: Add saved game details new enhancement Engine: Sky 3 years ago
#10013 IHNM: Benny eating the child shouldn't be good new enhancement Engine: SAGA 3 years ago
#10311 AGOS: Waxworks: Add hotkey for switching to fighting new enhancement Engine: AGOS 3 years ago
#10363 Feature Request: Ability to hightlight ScummVM version # in GUI and copy to clipboard new enhancement GUI 3 years ago
#10646 Previously identified KQ3 version now wrongly identified as fangame new enhancement Engine: AGI 2 years ago
#10901 Make appdata strings translatable new enhancement GUI: Translations 20 months ago
#11200 Unknown game variant for AGOS new enhancement Engine: AGOS 13 months ago
#11202 Unknown game variant for MADE new enhancement Engine: MADE 13 months ago
#11281 Expose Humongous ini settings in game options new enhancement Engine: SCUMM 11 months ago
#11368 Unknown game variant for tinsel - Discworld (PSX, Japanese) new dreammaster enhancement Engine: Tinsel 8 months ago
#11501 Unknown game variant for Lure of the Temptress new enhancement Engine: Lure 5 months ago
#11690 Blazing Dragons: F5 for game menu new enhancement Engine: Dragons 7 weeks ago
#11713 Unknown game variant for SAGA [ITE, IHNM] new enhancement Engine: SAGA 6 weeks ago
#11888 Add a minimize (MIN) key shortcut to the virtual Qwerty keyboard (ABC). new enhancement Port: Symbian 12 days ago
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