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#1946 SCUMM: Adlib Emulation doesn't Respect Volume Settings new defect Engine: SCUMM
#2016 GUI: non-english chars in directory names not supported new defect GUI
#2062 SCUMM: SAM - Crash entering Frog Rock first time (Spanish version) new defect Engine: SCUMM
#2226 SKY: BASS - "game frozen" / "actor stuck" / "Invalid Mode(16)" new joostp defect Engine: Sky
#3070 SCUMM: MM (NES) - Actor drawing glitch: standing next to fence new defect Engine: SCUMM
#3259 SCUMM: MI1 (SEGA MEGA-CD) - Text display incorrect new defect Engine: SCUMM
#3494 SCUMM: Zak McKracken - PCJR/Tandy emulation differs from actual Tandy 1000 new defect Engine: SCUMM
#3769 GOB: WOODRUFF - Pathfinding bug new DrMcCoy defect Engine: Gob
#3838 GOB: LIT - palette issue with sprites new DrMcCoy defect Engine: Gob
#3846 GOB: WOODRUFF - In-Game animation shifted(?) new DrMcCoy defect Engine: Gob
#3848 GOB: WOODRUFF - Graphic glitches new DrMcCoy defect Engine: Gob
#4129 SCUMM: MI2 - Waterfall sound breaks up new defect Engine: SCUMM
#5380 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Non-cinematic level "introductions" always play new DrMcCoy defect Engine: Gob
#5381 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Flickering cursor in "semi-cinematics" new DrMcCoy defect Engine: Gob
#5866 PARALLACTION: Nippon - Credits are drawn behind wall new peres defect Engine: Parallaction
#6051 AGOS: SIMON1DOS French Text Glitch new Kirben defect Engine: AGOS
#6131 BACKENDS: iOS (> v7) - Cursor disappearing in landscape mode new defect Port: iOS
#6674 SWORD1: Minor graphical glitch when knocked down by Goat new defect Engine: Sword1
#6710 SCUMM: PUTT-PUTT - Colour corruption upon pressing Escape too quickly new defect Engine: SCUMM
#6721 WME: The Kite - Overlapping bug new lolbot-iichan defect Engine: Wintermute
#6777 LOL: The interactive CD demo version is not supported new athrxx enhancement Engine: Kyra
#6953 GOB: Gobliins 2 - Can't select Fingus or Winkle when you click on stairs!!! new DrMcCoy defect Engine: Gob
#6970 ACCESS: AMAZON - Climb up/down animation breaks after one animation new defect Engine: Access
#7124 GUI: Buttons don't highlight when mouse press is released over them new defect GUI
#7283 ALL: Favor Adlib over MT32 for SFX tracks new enhancement Audio
#7455 MI1 Amiga: choose actor palette new enhancement Engine: SCUMM
#7462 SCUMM: Sega CD Monkey Island has not start button new enhancement Engine: SCUMM
#7477 SCALERS : 2XPM new enhancement Graphics: Scalers
#7513 SYMBIAN: keyboard shortcuts new anotherguest enhancement Port: Symbian
#7529 PSP: scummvm.ini should be in the same dir as the EBOOT-file new joostp enhancement Port: PSP
#7576 ScummVM for UMPC/Tablet PC new enhancement Ports
#7583 KYRA1: Add support for Korean/DOS version new enhancement Engine: Kyra
#7645 Hi res vector graphics mixed with scaled bitmaps? new enhancement Graphics
#7646 Scalers cleanup new enhancement Graphics: Scalers
#7647 KYRA3: add subtitles in VQA videos new enhancement Engine: Kyra
#7762 OPL: Real OPL support for AdLib audio new enhancement Audio
#7773 KYRA1: Add support for Czech fan tranlsation new enhancement Engine: Kyra
#7818 LOL: Support subtitles in "Lore of the Lands" new enhancement Engine: Kyra
#9013 Enforce aspect ratio in fullscreen SDL new patch Ports
#9604 SCI: PHARKAS: Background not cleared after reloading from bar fight new defect Engine: SCI
#9682 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - graphic issue on first level new defect Engine: Gob
#9697 BACKENDS: RPi3 - mouse / desktop capture issue new defect Ports
#9725 AGI IIgs: shift key commands don't work new m-kiewitz defect Engine: AGI
#9726 AGI IIgs: inventory/see object screen new enhancement Engine: AGI
#9846 SCI: PQ4: Can't leave morgue by clicking on car new defect Engine: SCI
#9852 SCI: PQ4: Repeated speech outside of morgue new defect Engine: SCI
#9853 SCI: PQ4: Repeated speech talking to barbie new defect Engine: SCI
#9866 PRINCE: Original game keyboard shortcuts not working (F1-F5) new enhancement Engine: Prince
#9872 BASS: Add saved game details new enhancement Engine: Sky
#9944 SCI: KQ5: Crispin Area Pathfinding Loop new defect Engine: SCI
#9987 SCI: SQ5: Spacebar Pathing Issues new defect Engine: SCI
#9988 SCI: SQ5: Weird Glitch on Kiz new defect Engine: SCI
#10013 IHNM: Benny eating the child shouldn't be good new enhancement Engine: SAGA
#10044 MOHAWK: Riven: Excessive delay before cursor appears after movie ends. new defect Engine: Mohawk
#10135 MOHAWK: Riven: Graphics glitch after Gehn leaves office. new defect Engine: Mohawk
#10198 SCUMM: INDY4: Explored rooms in maze have question marks appear briefly new defect Engine: SCUMM
#10224 SCI: Lighthouse: Hitting Roost bird with rock has bad sound new defect Engine: SCI
#10226 SCI: Lighthouse: Animation of the robot arm is played twice when opening the safe new defect Engine: SCI
#10231 SCI: Lighthouse: Poor sound effect when train is stopping on it on new defect Engine: SCI
#10232 SCI: Lighthouse: Bad sound effect when clipping train rails new defect Engine: SCI
#10237 SCI: Lighthouse: Sound issues when fixing train junction box new defect Engine: SCI
#10238 SCI: Lighthouse: Sound repeating when raising/lowering train platform new defect Engine: SCI
#10256 SCI: PQ3: Clicking too high on door causes ego to go somewhere else new defect Engine: SCI
#10265 SCI: Lighthouse: Missing birds when turning right new defect Engine: SCI
#10310 AGOS: Waxworks: Pressing M doesn't mute music new defect Engine: AGOS gsoc
#10311 AGOS: Waxworks: Add hotkey for switching to fighting new enhancement Engine: AGOS
#10363 Feature Request: Ability to hightlight ScummVM version # in GUI and copy to clipboard new enhancement GUI
#10382 GOB: LIT: Loading save in boat closet shows wrong palette new defect Engine: Gob
#10383 GOB: LIT: Cursor flashes when talking to Dalia new defect Engine: Gob
#10384 GOB: LIT: Bad palette around manor area new defect Engine: Gob
#10397 FULLPIPE: Memory leak when loading a saved game new defect Engine: Fullpipe
#10439 SKY: BASS - vkeybd only allows 1 keyboard input at a time new defect Engine: Sky
#10523 TITANIC: SGT Room Transition video has black spots new defect Engine: Titanic
#10547 XEEN: Hanging notes in AdLib music new defect Engine: Xeen
#10557 MOHAWK: MYST: Thumbnail has black top and bottom new defect Engine: Mohawk
#10578 MOHAWK: MYST: Matches and Held pages new defect Engine: Mohawk
#10646 Previously identified KQ3 version now wrongly identified as fangame new enhancement Engine: AGI
#10657 TINSEL: DW1: Actor goes invisible when shooting dragon new defect Engine: Tinsel
#10658 TINSEL: DW1: ACT3 Guard floating equals new defect Engine: Tinsel
#10661 TINSEL: DW1: Dark world barman can't leave via dialogue new defect Engine: Tinsel
#10779 SCI: QFG4 (Floppy) - Baba's pestle hovers above mortar new defect Engine: SCI
#10784 SCI: QFG4 (CD) - Berries item, desc knows bush's name before hero does new defect Engine: SCI
#10785 SCI: QFG4 (Floppy) - Berries item, icon color is wrong new defect Engine: SCI
#10786 SCI: QFG4 (Floppy) - Note 'left on chest' appears on the floor new defect Engine: SCI
#10816 New BASS demo for the demo collection. new patch Web
#10831 SCI: QFG3 - Harami escape speed uncapped new defect Engine: SCI
#10901 Make appdata strings translatable new enhancement GUI: Translations
#10957 TINSEL: DW1 - Psy office event not triggered new defect Engine: Tinsel
#11200 Unknown game variant for AGOS new enhancement Engine: AGOS
#11202 Unknown game variant for MADE new enhancement Engine: MADE
#11281 Expose Humongous ini settings in game options new enhancement Engine: SCUMM
#11287 WME: Some games are using same fonts for selected and normal text new defect Engine: Wintermute
#11339 BLADERUNNER: McCoy's TV's voices are at the wrong audio channel new defect Engine: Bladerunner
#11368 Unknown game variant for tinsel - Discworld (PSX, Japanese) new dreammaster enhancement Engine: Tinsel
#11372 FLUIDSYNTH: Kyrandia 2 - The Hand of Fate - MIDI with FatBoy SoundFont sounds weird new defect Audio
#11373 SCI: Quest for Glory 3 game script bugs new defect Engine: SCI
#11501 LURE: Unsupported demo version new enhancement Engine: Lure
#11550 TTS Language is wrong for unsupported game warning new defect --Unset--
#11637 GUI: STRETCH MODE: Popup Menu displays redundant 'Normal' setting. new defect GUI
#11690 Blazing Dragons: F5 for game menu new enhancement Engine: Dragons
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