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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Component Priority
#11483 ZVISION: ZGI: Music broke new defect Engine: ZVision high
#12032 BACKENDS: SDL: cursor drifting for game controller new defect --Other-- high
#13442 PARALLACTION: Nippon - Donna vanishing when in disguise new defect Engine: Parallaction high
#13594 CHEWY: Dialog canceled by subtitles pending bluegr defect Engine: Chewy high
#14110 ANDROID: STARK: Actors are missing when using the OpenGL with shaders renderer new defect Port: Android high
#14159 GRIM: MD5 dialog can’t be cancelled new defect Engine: Grim high
#14280 VIDEO: VideoDecoder::loadStream() may delete the stream on failure new defect Video high
#14327 SWORD1: Can't add game since new detection mode new defect Engine: Sword1 high
#14363 AGOS: SIMON2 fatal "could not open setup.shr" regression new defect Engine: AGOS high
#14419 SWORD2: Unknown game variant for sword2 new defect Engine: Sword2 high
#14446 ANDROID: Chromecast support new defect Port: Android high
#14483 Unknown game variant for sword1 new defect Engine: Sword1 high
#14497 PSP Crash on Start since 2.7.0 new defect Port: PSP high
#14503 MM: XEEN: crash in carnage hand animation new defect Engine: MM: Xeen high
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