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#13594 CHEWY: Dialog canceled by subtitles pending bluegr defect Engine: Chewy
#11753 BACKENDS: ANDROID (10+ / API 29+) - external storage is no longer browsable pending lephilousophe defect Port: Android
#13992 FREESCAPE: implement CGA/ZX colors using TinyGL new neuromancer defect Engine: Freescape
#12775 BASE: The -g / --gfx-mode command-line option still handles the old scaler names new sev- defect Common
#13897 TINSEL: DW2: Older savegames won't run on ScummVM 2.6.x pending somaen defect Engine: Tinsel
#13719 GUI: Grid View shows "Fanmade AGI game" for every fan game for the AGI engine pending treloret defect GUI
#6008 BACKENDS: Dreamcast - FT/Dig: Crash when subtitles are enabled new zeldin defect Port: Dreamcast
#11483 ZVISION: ZGI: Music broke new defect Engine: ZVision
#11529 CRUISE: Cut-scenes happen too quickly and dialogue cannot be read new defect Engine: Cruise
#12032 BACKENDS: SDL: cursor drifting for game controller new defect --Other--
#12074 TWINE: rendering of the holomap is broken new defect Engine: TwinE
#12329 BACKENDS: IOS: MP3 playback failing, libmad writing out of bounds new defect Port: iOS
#13227 MYST3: Crash in Voltaic Age - DVD Variant new defect Engine: Myst3
#13348 AGS: in certain games screenshots only show chosen elements new defect Engine: AGS
#13417 AGS: Invalid savegames created on big-endian systems new defect Engine: AGS
#13442 PARALLACTION: Nippon - Donna vanishing when in disguise new defect Engine: Parallaction
#13607 RISCOS: Crash on startup with RISC OS 3.7 new defect Port: RISC OS
#13841 ENGINES: AUTOSAVE: Setting a file's _saveType value by where it’s stored can cause a regular save to be overwritten. new defect --Other--
#14024 SURFACESDL: Mouse cursor is clipped when using 32-bit screen formats new defect Ports
#14046 FTA2 - Crash "Wrong spellID" when cursor is over certain spell icon new defect Engine: SAGA2
#14064 FTA2: "Too many tasks in the list" crash new defect Engine: SAGA2
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