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#11483 ZVISION: ZGI: Music broke new defect Engine: ZVision
#7027 ZVISION: ZGI: Mass Add picks wrong directory when adding Zork: Grand Inquisitor new defect Engine: ZVision
#12641 WME: Transparent render regression new defect Engine: Wintermute
#12630 WME3D: rendering does not support screen size change new defect Engine: Wintermute
#12017 Unknown game variant for agos new feature request Engine: AGOS
#12534 Ultima VI: Throwing items do not auto-ready new defect Engine: Ultima
#12536 Ultima VI: "new" style is unstable new defect Engine: Ultima
#7107 TOLTECS: Wrong "Cancel" behaviour new defect Engine: Toltecs
#11401 TOLTECS: Polish version crashes new defect Engine: Toltecs
#12634 Support for iPad Pro 11inch new feature request Port: iOS
#11396 SWORD2: (SPANISH DEMO) Save/Load/Options UI is visually broken, soft-freeze when opening the guardhouse's trap door new sev- defect Engine: Sword2
#11891 SWORD1: PlayStation version crashes ScummVM new defect Engine: Sword1
#11438 SHERLOCK: Scalpel - Dialogue text covers interface after looking at flower girl new defect Engine: Sherlock
#12030 SCUMM: FT: softlock when fast-exiting room before scripted cutscene new defect Engine: SCUMM
#11193 SCUMM: BF2001 - Error: (11:298:0:180) Cannot Read Resource! new defect Engine: SCUMM
#12585 PSP: Pixel Format RGBA8888@4 is not supported new defect Port: PSP
#11758 PEGASUS: colossal memory leak, wan't start new fedor4ever defect Engine: Pegasus
#12363 MYST3: Manually overwriting Autosave file disables autosaving. new defect Engine: Myst3
#11980 GLK engine does not support Russian keyboard layout new defect Engine: GLK: ZCode
#10395 FULLPIPE: Stuck when teleportating to foot new defect Engine: NGI
#9669 FULLPIPE: Scenes 31/32/34 - Inconsistent character state new defect Engine: NGI
#10396 FULLPIPE: Rolling bridge is a wrong state new defect Engine: NGI
#10329 FULLPIPE: Pathfinding loop when giving coin to ball eating creature new defect Engine: NGI
#9671 FULLPIPE: Assorted graphical glitches new defect Engine: NGI
#11788 EMI: WARNING: Lua: call expression not a function! spams the log once the ship is back on Melee Island new defect Engine: Grim
#11808 EMI: Freeze in the overworld after leaving Lava Pool puzzle. Cannot load menu or save game afterwards new defect Engine: Grim
#11531 CRUISE: Save at end of game causes crash on loading new defect Engine: Cruise
#11530 CRUISE: Missing end credits new defect Engine: Cruise
#11529 CRUISE: Cut-scenes happen too quickly and dialogue cannot be read new defect Engine: Cruise
#11244 CLOUD: Crash when loading a save from the launcher new defect Cloud
#11644 Blazing Dragons: Splash screen font background too visible new defect Engine: Dragons
#12342 BASE: Loading engine plugins is slow new defect --Unset--
#11780 BACKENDS: Symbian - Virtual keyboard distortion: The letters are superimposed on each other. new defect Port: Symbian
#11076 BACKENDS: SDL1/2 - Aspect ratio correction doesn't work in Dreamweb new defect Graphics
#11712 BACKENDS: NDS - ELF loader does not handle ARM exception unwind tables new defect Port: NDS
#12011 BACKENDS: ANDROID: Tony Tough - cannot bring up the action wheel on Android new defect Port: Android
#11753 BACKENDS: ANDROID (10+ / API 29+) - external storage is no longer browsable new defect Port: Android
#12598 3DS, GRIM: Crashes after splash image display new defect Engine: Grim
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