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#10691 BACKENDS: MacOSX - sRGB game graphics are overly saturated on Display P3 wide-gamut iMac displays new sRGB Display P3 color gamut iMac defect normal
#11295 BLADERUNNER: save games may not work on macOS Catalina new saving fails, macOS Catalina defect normal
#11519 GLK: text is low resolution on macOS retina display new MacOSX defect normal
#12515 AGS: Mac Steam games by Clifftop Games not detected when user selects .app file new steam macos feature request normal
#12837 DIRECTOR: Crash during Spaceship Warlock demo 1.1.1 new warlock-demo-mac defect normal
#12838 DIRECTOR: Box appears where é should be when loading aamn-demo-mac new aamn-demo-mac defect normal
#12841 DIRECTOR: Mylk Mac crashes on startup new mylk-mac defect normal
#12935 BURIED: Windows hotkeys are used on macOS new buried-win macOS defect normal
#12983 INDY3: Macintosh version uses PC verb GUI with high-res fonts rather than proper Mac GUI new scumm, indiana jones, last crusade, indiana jones 3, indy3, macintosh, mac defect normal
#12984 LOOM: Mac version font centering is inaccurate, and Practice window can't be moved around screen new scumm, loom, macintosh, mac defect normal
#13908 SCUMM: INDY3 (MAC): ASAN crash in Player_V2Base::next_freqs() in Castle Brunwald new asan,crash,castle brunwald,macintosh defect normal
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